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Nextcloud has a solution for every business,
attuned to your needs.

Private or public organization, small or large, Nextcloud delivers the leading self-hosted productivity solution in any sector.

Serving your needs

Nextcloud is committed to provide technology that is a perfect fit for your organization!


Nextcloud provides the highest security for protected health information.


Nextcloud has unique features for research and academic institutions.

Financial services

Nextcloud delivers confidentiality, security and compliance.


Nextcloud offers the ultimate control to protect digital sovereignty in Government.

Global scale

Scale Nextcloud to hundreds of millions of users at commodity cost.

Media and advertising

Nextcloud provides easy and efficient collaboration on large files.

Lawyers and notaries

Nextcloud assures your clients that their documents stay 100% confidential.

Construction and manufacturing

Nextcloud has the easy, efficient UI engineers need to deliver on time.

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Every organization is unique, with different needs and challenges.
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