How to implement Digital Sovereignty with Nextcloud

Webinar date

June 30, 2023


Fabrice Mous

Watch this webinar recording on how the City of Cologne is strategically utilizing Nextcloud Hub to shape the future of their web-based workplace.

Digital Sovereignty in Practice by the City of Cologne

How to implement Digital Sovereignty with Nextcloud

In this webinar recording we’ll cover:

  • Understanding digital sovereignty
  • The digital workplace’s role in sovereignty.
  • Shaping a browser-based workplace.
  • Critical factors in modern workplace construction
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In this webinar recording the city of Cologne will provide insights into Nextcloud’s role in promoting digital sovereignty and its potential to transform workplace architecture. Learn from Cologne’s pragmatic approach to constructing a digitally sovereign workspace for tomorrow.

Your speaker

Ralf Sutorius works as a Lead Enterprise Architect at the central IT service provider for the City of Cologne.

The City of Cologne has 450 IT specialists and it operates two geo-redundant data centers, over 850 applications and support more than 20,000 users.

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Watch this webinar recording

Watch this webinar recording to discover how the City of Cologne is using Nextcloud to build a digitally sovereign future, and learn how you can apply their strategies in your own workspace.

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