From OneDrive to Nextcloud: Secure integration with Microsoft Outlook, Teams, and Exchange

Webinar date

July 17, 2024


Viktor Nagornyy

From OneDrive to Nextcloud - Secure integration with Microsoft Outlook, Teams, and Exchange

Join us for an exclusive webinar on July 17th at 12:00 PM (EDT) / 9:00 AM (PT) to learn how Nextcloud’s robust integration with Microsoft products can transform your US business operations, enhance data privacy, and reduce costs, all while freeing you from the limitations of OneDrive and Microsoft’s use of your intellectual property to train AI.

In this webinar, you learn:

  • Seamless data integration: Learn how to secure your data and streamline file sharing with Nextcloud Files and Sendent for Outlook and MS Teams.
  • Smooth transition: Discover alternatives to Microsoft tools, minimizing user resistance and simplifying collaboration with Nextcloud integrations.
  • Cost and storage efficiency: Explore how Nextcloud can handle unlimited file sizes and reduce storage costs through intelligent file management, freeing you from the limitations of OneDrive.
  • Data ownership with on-prem AI: Nextcloud’s AI capabilities enhance functionality and give you complete control over your data and intellectual property.

This webinar is ideal for US-based business and government leaders, IT professionals, and decision-makers who want to enhance data security and privacy.

This session will provide the insights and solutions you need to improve your organization’s data practices and take control of your IP while still utilizing Microsoft Outlook, Teams, and Exchange.

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Your speakers

Richard Marx
Co-founder at Sendent

Richard is the co-founder of Sendent, dedicated to advancing secure digital communication with a strong focus on privacy.

His journey, untraditional in IT, showcases a deep-seated passion for merging business with technology, leading to software solutions in data confidentiality.


Patrick Plaehn
Key Account Manager at Nextcloud

Pat brings a vibrant blend of expertise and positive energy to the field. Holding a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management/Philosophy, his technology career began in the dynamic Silicon Valley.

He spent over 20 years in business development and sales for early-stage software companies in the US & Europe.

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Date: July 17th, 2024
Time: 12:00 PM (EDT) / 9:00 AM (PT)