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Keep your data in your school: Use Nextcloud locally in educational settings

Nextcloud is a secure solution for schools, universities and research institutions. Learn more about the features and benefits!

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Sorbonne University

Sorbonne University implements on-premise solution with Nextcloud

Sorbonne University, or La Sorbonne, is a a renowned university in Paris, France first established in 1257. Over more than a 750 year period, names like Marie Curie, François Mitterrand and Vera Wang were all pupils at the institution making history in science, politics and...

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Meiji University

Meiji University in Japan Streamlines File Sharing and Collaboration with Nextcloud Hub

Looking to take their Education and Research System (ERS) to the next level, Meiji University chose Nextcloud Hub. Read and uncover the reasons why Meiji University chose Nextcloud Hub.

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