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Nextcloud 14: the most accessible Nextcloud ever

Its easy and efficient user interface is one of Nextcloud’s biggest advantages over the competition. The upcoming Nextcloud 14 introduces a series of improvements to make Nextcloud even easier to use and also more accessible to people with visual disabilities. In this post we detail the new themes, keyboard accessibility improvements, screen reader support as […]

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Q and A with Jan-Christoph Borchardt: Importance of diversity in Open Source

Jan-Christoph Borchardt is an interaction designer and community manager working on Nextcloud, Open Source Design and Open Source Diversity. Jan recently delivered a talk at the Nextcloud Conference, in which he talked about the importance of diversity in the open source community. We talked to him to understand the work he is doing around diversity. […]

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Nextcloud design team updates! :)

We had a great design workshop at the Nextcloud Conference in Berlin! There we discussed the current design process and how to improve it even further. Starting out we talked about how our process works currently, what we like about it, and what is happening at the moment: The process is already pretty open, a […]

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