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Schleswig-Holstein and Nextcloud collaborate on a sovereign workplace

Watch this on-demand webinar to explore how Schleswig-Holstein is revolutionizing public services with AI and open-source solutions through Nextcloud.

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Webinar on Nextcloud Hub 8: Regain control over your time

Join us in this webinar about Nextcloud Hub 8

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How to get started with Nextcloud

Join us in this webinar on getting started with Nextcloud

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Beyond Secure: Air-gapped Nextcloud for highly confidential data

In this on-demand webinar, you will learn how to set up an air-gapped Nextcloud for highly confidential data.

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Collaborate on research data with Nextcloud

Watch this webinar about Nextcloud for research institutes

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Streamline collaboration with Nextcloud: webinar for public sector

Join us in this webinar about Nextcloud for public sector

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Nextcloud Hub 7: advanced search and global out-of-office features

Join us in this webinar about Nextcloud Hub 7!

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About Nextcloud Talk: safe video conferencing platform

Nextcloud Talk is a business communication platform developed by Nextcloud as part of the Nextcloud Hub family of products. NC talk offers a workspace to chat, videoconference, and share files. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Online communication platforms like Nextcloud Talk, gained much interest as many...

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