The Nextclouder’s Journey with Julien Veyssier

January 24, 2024

Brent Gervais

In this episode of the Nextcloud Podcast, Julien Veyssier shares his unique journey from prolific Nextcloud community contributor to joining the Nextcloud team as Software Engineer.

We learn how his PhoneTrack app saved a user’s family in an emergency, how the Nextcloud ecosystem is a rich canvas for app development, the philosophical differences between Open Source and Free Software, and explore the current state of the artificial intelligence landscape.

“If you’ll allow me to state the obvious: Publishing your code is one of the best ways I know to make sure you’re going to get better.”

– Julien Veyssier

Julien has a master’s degree in Computer Science and does public research for 10 years as scientific computing engineer in biology and geographical data processing. His love for interactive maps, collaborative tools, and a special passion for the Free Software movement led to his contributing to the Nextcloud code base in 2015.


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