How to migrate to Nextcloud Hub

Webinar date

March 30, 2023


Fabrice Mous

This first webinar recording in our migration series is tailored for businesses looking to migrate to Nextcloud Hub.

In this webinar recording we will provide a comprehensive overview of the migration process and guide you through the necessary steps to ensure a smooth transition for your company.

How to migrate to Nextcloud

How to migrate to Nextcloud

In this webinar we cover

  • How to develop a plan for your migration project
  • How to prepare data to ensure integrity and consistency
  • How to establish fallback procedures and contingency plans
  • The installation of your own Nextcloud Hub instance.
  • Some first and essential configuration steps.
  • How to prepare Nextcloud Hub for your end users.
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Your speaker

Maxime Le Héricy – Sales Engineer at Nextcloud

Maxime Le Héricy is a Sales Engineer at Nextcloud. He brings a wealth of experience from his background as a process engineer in the industry, and a passion for providing customers with secure, high-quality and reliable solutions.

With a talent for tackling complex problems and a knack for creative thinking, Maxime is dedicated to helping customers achieve their goals in an efficient manner.

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