Nextcloud Enterprise
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What is it?

To ease deployment for small and medium business, Nextcloud offers an All-in-one Docker and VM image and direct deployments in a number of cloud environments like Azure and AWS.

This allows an organization to keep their data under their own control. Nextcloud maintains the docker image and supports the automatic updates, while not gaining direct access to the data. Easy compliance, in a pinch!

For very small installations (<100 users) this is 100% free, though without any service or guarantees. For slightly larger installations (>100 users) we offer Nextcloud Enterprise, with support SLA, security information and all benefits that come with our enterprise product.

What are the benefits of
Nextcloud Enterprise

Only Nextcloud Enterprise offers organizations the reliability, security and compliance they need to confidently deploy software in critical environments.

Community Version Enterprise Version
Easy Sharing
Real-time collaboration
Testing/QA community Enterprise QA
Security updates For 9 months For up to 5 years
Nextcloud Advertising
Microsoft integration
Enterprise Apps
Authentication, workflows, security
Unlimited push Notifications
Early notification about security issues
Support SLA
up to 24/7
Knowledge base and training
Roadmap influence
Access to decision makers at Nextcloud and influence on roadmap and seat at the product advisory board
Certified compliance
GDPR documentation

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We believe all organisations who run Nextcloud for hundreds of users should be officially supported. We know there can be financial restrictions for non-profit organisations and, as we want everybody to have a chance to get the most out of Nextcloud, we have special offers for NGOs, small schools and other non-profits. Please reach out to talk to us about what is possible or ask your system administrator to reach out.

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