Nextcloud as a secure on-premises solution for storing sensitive information

Webinar date

May 17, 2023


Neha Mishra

Sensitive data refers to confidential information that must be safeguarded and inaccessible to unauthorized individuals. In light of this, Nextcloud provides an on-premises solution that empowers customers to take charge of their data in a literal and direct manner. Instead of floating somewhere in the cloud, your data resides in your data center, on a server that you manage.

To prevent data leaks and breaches, it is essential to restrict access to sensitive data through adequate data security and information security practices. In this webinar, you will gain insight into how Nextcloud addresses critical measures necessary for storing sensitive information within an organization.

Nextcloud for storing sensitive data!

Nextcloud as a secure on-premises solution for storing sensitive information

Join us for this webinar session

Join us for this webinar session on:

  • Date: Wednesday May 17, 2023
  • Time: 3:00 pm (CEST) / 9:00 am (EDT)
  • Duration: 60 minutes

Here is an overview of Agenda for this session

  • Most common challenges for storing sensitive data
  • Nextcloud User Access Management
  • Fine grained file permissions
  • Group folders with the advanced permissions
  • File Access Control
  • Q&A

Your speaker

Björn Schießle

PreSales Lead

Björn is a computer scientist, graduated at the University of Stuttgart. He conducted research in the area of cloud robotics before he joined a private cloud community project in 2012 and later co-founded Nextcloud. Björn has a deep knowledge about all technical and legal aspects of Free and Open Source Software. After working for several years as a software engineer he became a sales engineer, using his in-depth knowledge to provide the best possible solutions to our customers.


Nextcloud is an open-source, on-premises solution that allows individuals and organizations to securely store and share files, collaborate, and communicate. It gives users the ability to control their data in a literal and direct sense by providing a self-hosted solution that can be managed on-premises. Nextcloud offers advanced security features that include encryption, two-factor authentication, and advanced access controls to ensure that sensitive data is protected. With its intuitive interface and seamless integration with various applications, Nextcloud is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable and secure solution for file sharing and collaboration.

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