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To help you decide where to store your data, Nextcloud maintains a list of preferred providers.

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NOTE: While we have done our best in choosing quality providers, we can not take any responsibility for their services.
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By proceeding, you agree with our privacy policy. In short, we only handle the minimum amount of user data for the purpose of enabling the provider to create a minimal account and do not store any personally identifiable data.

Our privacy policy

If there are any issues with your account, please note that we do NOT record any of your information on our side so we can not help you. Please contact the provider you signed up with.

* free services are of course paid somewhere by someone. The listed Nextcloud providers all give a free account with 2 to 5 GB storage but offer larger storage and more options like a dedicated setup for a fee, which funds the free accounts. Consider paying for your account, it helps them provide this service!

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