OVHcloud and Nextcloud’s commitment to customers: data that stays your data

OVHcloud at Enterprise Day

OVHcloud is a returning sponsor of Nextcloud Enterprise Day – Nextcloud’s annual enterprise event for like-minded industry professionals and decision-makers to get the most out of their Content Collaboration Platform.

By supporting Nextcloud Enterprise Day, OVHcloud reinforces its position as a cloud provider that values privacy, security, and open-source standards, offering solutions that empower organizations to maintain control over their data while leveraging the benefits of cloud technology.

At last year’s Enterprise Day 2023, OVHcloud’s CEO, Michel Paulin, underlined this ambition in his virtual speech:

For 20 years, OVHcloud has been dedicated to building an open and trusted cloud, upholding fundamental values centered on trust, data protection and innovation. Our commitment extends to partnering with entities that reflect our principles. We take immense pride in our strong partnership with Nextcloud. Sharing similar values allows us to collaboratively propose innovative solutions.”

– Michel Paulin, CEO OVHcloud

About OVHcloud

OVHcloud, a global cloud computing service provider, offers scalable and flexible web hosting, server, private and public cloud solutions for businesses, developers and individuals. With a commitment to data autonomy and transparency, OVHcloud enables efficient IT infrastructure management while advocating for privacy and innovation.

A powerful partnership

Grounded by a strong and solid technology partnership, Nextcloud and OVHcloud work on interesting joint cooperations. Nextcloud users can easily integrate dedicated AI services from OVHcloud in Hub 6 and 7 and OVHcloud clients have very simple access to install cloud services from Nextcloud on their OVHcloud infrastructure.

Since their founding, Nextcloud and OVHcloud share a plethora of shared values and the following aligned principles:

Open-source philosophy

Nextcloud is built on open-source software, allowing for transparency, flexibility, and community collaboration. Similarly, OVHcloud supports open-source initiatives, as seen in the five core values of their SMART cloud, and contributes to various open-source projects. This shared commitment to open-source values fosters innovation and empowers users and developers alike.

Data sovereignty pioneers

Both Nextcloud and OVHcloud are at the forefront of the data sovereignty vision, advocating for a world where the public sector, businesses and individuals alike have access to all their data with a high level of data security. While Nextcloud emphasizes self-hosting options, giving users more control over their data and enabling them to comply with regulations like GDPR, OVHcloud implements robust security measures across its infrastructure and data centers, ensuring the safety and privacy of customer data. We envision a world where users won’t have to worry about the interference of any extraterritorial laws like the U.S. Cloud Act that pose substantial risks to European’s personal data.

Further demonstrating our dedication to this vision, in 2021 Nextcloud filed an antitrust complaint with the European Commission about Microsoft’s anti-competitive, bundling behavior. Later that year, together with a coalition of some 30 NGOs and other European tech companies, we publicly called on the EU to take action and we haven’t stopped there.

OVHcloud also takes a firm stance on data rights, with their CEO Michel Paulin stating, “EU policymakers should have the courage and intellectual honesty to establish a sovereign cloud as well as to regulate American cloud service providers under the EU’s antitrust Digital Markets Act regulation.”

Our powerful partnership has the potential to enact change in establishing a level playing field for cloud service providers and a data-sovereign cloud for all.

GDPR compliancy

Ensuring GDPR compliance is paramount for both Nextcloud and OVHcloud as we both prioritize data security and privacy in the EU. With a strong commitment to adhering to local laws and regulations, both of our companies go the extra mile to safeguard user data within the EU.

OVHcloud’s local data centers are a testament to their dedication to compliance with GDPR requirements.

Scalability and Flexibility

Nextcloud and OVHcloud both offer scalable solutions tailored to the needs of businesses and individuals. Nextcloud can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud, accommodating various use cases and organizational sizes. OVHcloud provides scalable cloud infrastructure with options for custom configurations, enabling users to adapt their resources as their requirements evolve.

A history of alliance

While Nextcloud and OVHcloud operate in different niches within the cloud computing landscape, our shared values of data security, privacy, openness, scalability, customer focus, and innovation unite us in our mission to provide reliable and user-centric cloud solutions.

Accordingly, we partner at major events and tech conferences together like at the leading IT security event, it-sa in Nuremberg, Germany. It-sa provided us the platform to talk about our secure and sovereign cloud collaboration in a large audience of IT leaders and participants from around the world.

The Open Trusted Cloud (OTC) initiative

The Open Trusted Cloud, or OTC, program aims to build vibrant ecosystems of software publishers – SaaS and PaaS companies around an open, reversible, secure, transparent and trusted cloud. Started by OVHcloud and joined by Nextcloud in 2022, we share common values about compliance with local data regulations and data sovereignty.

The Open Trusted Cloud is an ecosystem of European software manufacturers and puts the European offer effectively in the spotlight – a structure with a common voice that conveys our messages clearly. To strengthen their position, software manufacturers should work with other European players together. By acting together, we can increase the impact and share costs.”

– Khaled Allab, director of the Open Trusted Cloud

We’re also both members of the CISPE (Cloud Infrastructure Services Providers in Europe) association, with OVHcloud being a founding member, that aims to standardize the rules for personal data protection throughout Europe. In addition, we’re both members of the German GAIA-X project, a European initiative for developing an efficient, competitive, secure and trusted data infrastructure for the European Union.

OVHcloud representing our shared vision at Enterprise Day 2024

This year, OVHcloud’s Vincent Le Fort, Sales Director Tech DACH Market, will be giving a short talk about our common vision and commitment to our customers at Nextcloud Enterprise Day.

This is a unique opportunity to learn more about our collaboration at our upcoming event and meet the OVHcloud team.

We are looking forward to sharing this day with you and celebrate our shared values.

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