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3 easy predictions for ransomware in 2020

As the new year quickly approaches, cyber criminals are once again preparing to attack individuals and especially businesses. Their attacks will be more sophisticated and even better at extracting money from you. We make three easy predictions for the next year and urge you to be prepared: 1. Ransomware authors … Continued

Unique sharing security: video verification

Nextcloud features a unique and extremely powerful security feature you can use to give your shares the ultimate protection: video verification. When you need ultimate protection Imagine you need to share very sensitive data to somebody. Say it is the result of a medical test, or important financial data. You … Continued

Nextcloud supports open letter to improve e-evidence

During this week, the LIBE committee of the European Commission will read a draft report on e-evidence. This report includes a proposal for cross-border access to data for law enforcement which would allow foreign law enforcement agencies from across the EU to force companies to hand over customer data without … Continued

Nextcloud at Storage-Forum in Leipzig

In a few weeks, Nextcloud CEO Frank will give the opening talk on the second day of the Storage-Forum, an event where professionals in the IT storage space meet with suppliers of enterprise storage solutions. The event takes place on the 28th and 29th of November in Leipzig. Find more … Continued

Branded Nextcloud clients

In order to provide a seamless enterprise user experience, Nextcloud GmbH offers branded clients to their customers. We are also introducing deployment technologies available for customers today through MSI for desktops and MDM for mobile platforms. Logo, color and links Our theming app provides a fast and intuitive way to … Continued

Nextcloud Conference 2019 talks now online

Last September, the Nextcloud Conference brought more than 250 people to Berlin to share ideas, collaborate on Nextcloud and meet new friends, colleagues, partners and fellow users. Over 1500 people watched our live stream while made a series of big announcements and we’re happy to announce today that the videos … Continued

Urgent security issue in NGINX/php-fpm

Dear system administrators, In the last 24 hours, a new security risk has emerged around NGINX, documented in CVE-2019-11043. This exploit allows for remote code execution on some NGINX and php-fpm configurations. If you do not run NGINX, this exploit does not effect you. Unfortunately the default Nextcloud NGINX configuration … Continued

Time to update: 16.0.5 and 15.0.12 are here!

New minor releases of the Nextcloud server have been made available. As always, these include stability and security improvements that are designed to be a safe and quick upgrade. Running web facing software without regular updates is risky. Please stay up to date with Nextcloud releases of both the server … Continued

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