Nextcloud is the winner of all subcategories in Euro am Sonntag Magazine’s rating!

We are super happy to share with you this news! Nextcloud made it to the first spot of all subcategories in Euro am Sonntag contest and won the title of the “Most popular provider” by the renowned German Magazine’s rating!

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Lately, many businesses turned their head to the digital sphere, providing cloud solutions as tools for their employees’ home offices. The editors of Euro am Sonntag had cloud solutions evaluated by the German Customer Institute (DKI) based on 19 individual criteria by users. Five solutions, Nextcloud, iCloud, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, and Google drive were chosen after evaluation!
Users were able to vote and rate their favorite cloud solution from April 6th to May 25th and Nexcloud won as the “Most popular provider” in all individual categories!


Leaving iCloud, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox and Google drive behind

Nextcloud got the best ratings and made it to the first spot as the most popular cloud solution, won the first place in all sub-categories, but also achieved the maximum number of points in five out of six categories! The remaining four services, Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud (Apple) and Microsoft OneDrive, were left behind.

Nextcloud got the best ratings. The provider achieved the maximum number of points in five of the six categories. The participants emphasized that the cloud service is intuitive to use and makes it easier to work with colleagues.

— Bernhard Bomke, €uro am Sonntag 25/2020, p. 69f.

Overall ranking

Nextcloud-ranking table Euro am Sonntag

* The table is reproduced with permission from €uro am Sonntag magazine, issue no. 25, page 69.

Users most satisfied with Nextcloud

Nextcloud users are once again the most satisfied with the price-performance ratio. It remains to be seen whether the users would recommend their service. Most users of Dropbox and Google Drive would not. Nextcloud is different: a large majority recommends the service widely.

The full article in German and detailed results can be found in issue no. 25 of €uro am Sonntag or on

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