Meet Nextcloud at Zukunftskongress 2023 in Berlin

This year is the 9th annual Zukunftskongress or the Future Congress State & Administration in Germany. The Zukunftskongress is hosted by Germany’s Federal Ministry of the Interior and Homeland and is celebrating 10 years in 2023. The congress is a „source of inspiration for the modern and digital state“ and is known to attract almost 2,000 key executives across Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Nextcloud will be attending this year to show how governments can become digitally sovereign and safeguard confidential data of its administration, citizens and contacts. Governments are increasingly moving away from foreign cloud providers amid rising concerns about digital sovereignty and Nextcloud has emerged as the most deployed self-hosted private cloud solution in government.

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Meet Nextcloud team at stand 37

Attendees can look forward to a 3-day extensive program that provides groundbreaking perspectives and opportunities for administrative digitization. Keynotes and plenums, specialist conferences, future forums and much more are planned.

During the event, 6 main action items will be discussed from governance in digital transformation, to cloud and digital infrastructure. In the line-up are hundreds of speakers (in 2022, there were over 400), many of which are State Ministers and representatives from top global companies like Accenture, KPMG and ITZBund.

June 19-21, 2023

WECC – Westhafen Event & Convention Center Westhafenstrasse 1, 13353 Berlin, Germany

Nextcloud stand 37, Ebene 1

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