6 months in, Nextcloud profitable and growing strong


Since we announced Nextcloud on June 2nd, the project has become the most active open source file sync and share solution. The many contributors are backed by a 24 people strong enterprise employing 9 out of 10 of the most active developers over the last six months. The company is healthy, profitable well ahead of schedule and with many open job positions!

Ecosystem and community

A strong driver behind our success has been our extraordinary ecosystem. Over 30 providers already serve customers a Nextcloud instance, partners provide users with Calendar/Contact integration on Android and in Microsoft Outlook, and an iOS client which was open sourced yesterday. We were also the first to make Collabora Online available to a wide audience.

We have joined the Open Source Business Alliance in Germany, we’rea major force behind the cloud federation idea and the Open Cloud Mesh initiative. Frequent meetings, with three hackweeks in Stuttgart, a conference in Berlin and five meetups every month have brought hundreds of people together to get work done. We participate in other events like Open!2016 and will be at FOSDEM with a booth as well!


The outcome has been 2 major releases and several minor ones, clients for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile as well as Windows, Mac and Linux and lots of happy customers. We keep moving forward. We are now close to the release of Nextcloud 11 which is bringing major new features to our users and customers, growing our lead over our competition significantly. You are invited to test the beta!

We are very proud of what we have achieved – together with all of you! Thank you for supporting Nextcloud!

You can read more details in a personal blog by Frank Karlitschek.