The Danish research and education network moves from ownCloud to Nextcloud

Today we’re pleased to announce another customer joining us. DeiC is as much a customer as a partner, serving the universities in Denmark and bringing Nextcloud to tens of thousands of users, scaling up the coming years to hundreds of thousands.

Quoting from the press release:

“We require a truly scalable and 100% open source enterprise solution from a reliable partner” said Martin Bech, Head of NREN at DeIC “so we decided to migrate our service from ownCloud to Nextcloud 10”

As provider for educational and research institutions, DeIC requires a fully open source solution from a business partner with proven security and scalability expertise and a long term support offering. Unique features like a high quality SAML implementation and monitoring tooling were critical in choosing Nextcloud as supplier.

Of course the educational market is very important to us, as it represents large users which often end up giving a lot of valuable feedback and even code contributions. We developed the Monitoring capability in Nextcloud 10 on request of a large university in Germany and are working on other requests as well. Over the last 4 months we have proven to have accelerated development with a stronger focus on what these large installations need in terms of authentication technology, storage and so on and this will continue.

You can read the full press announcement here.