Sendent: An Outlook add-in to protect your data

Sendent Outlook add-in for Nextcloud

About Sendent for Outlook

Sendent offers a host of powerful solutions for Outlook users, allowing them to easily integrate Nextcloud into their workflow for secure and easy sharing of any files with Nextcloud links. Thanks to the user-friendly setup, administrators and users can get started with Sendent for Outlook in just a few clicks, avoiding any learning and training. That makes the add-in a handy addition for teams leveraging multi-app environments.

Sendent for Outlook works with Microsoft Outlook 2013, 2016 and 365 for Windows, Outlook for Mac, and Outlook for the Web.

With this Outlook add-in, you can:

  • Convert email attachments into Nextcloud links for easy sharing.
  • Insert upload links directly into emails, enabling recipients to upload files with ease.
  • Add passwords and expiration dates to links for added security, with the option of customizing password and expiration settings.
  • Configure the add-in to automatically upload attachments over a certain size, streamlining the sharing process.
  • Use the easy file selection dialog to insert links to files stored on their Nextcloud account.
  • Save valuable storage space on email servers by reducing the need to store large amounts of attachments in multiple email boxes.

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In this webinar we demonstrate the integration of Microsoft Outlook and Nextcloud Hub using Sendent for Outlook.

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Secure email attachments with Sendent

Apply custom security measures

System administrators can customize the add-in’s rules to meet their specific needs, including triggers on a specific attachment size to automatically upload attachments, adjust email templates, and maintain compliance with retention policies. By utilizing these features, businesses can maintain complete control over their data and keep it safe from potential threats.

Sendent Outlook add-in for Nextcloud macOS
Nextcloud Sendent Outlook integration

Keep costs in control

The add-in also helps IT departments save valuable storage space on email servers. By reducing the need to store large amounts of attachments in multiple email boxes, the add-in decreases network traffic and frees up server resources, leading to improved performance and efficiency.

How secure is Sendent for Outlook?

We are committed to keeping your data protected while allowing you to share files with ease. When it comes to data sharing, privacy-conscious organizations require privacy-centered solutions.

The Outlook add-in offers various ways to enhance the security of your data:

  • Secure file sharing: You can exchange data with clients and partners without compromising your security. Create a Public Share to allow collaborators to upload files and folders to your secure server.
  • Password protection for your emails: You can set Sendent to generate a unique strong password every time you share data through Microsoft Outlook. The stronger the passwords you use, the harder it is for hackers to crack them and gain access to your data.
  • Expiration dates for file access: When you’re working with people outside of your organization, you might want to limit their access to your server when your projects are complete. Control access to your data by putting an expiration date on all your shared files and links.
  • Withdrawing shared files: Accidentally sent a sensitive file to the wrong person? With Sendent, you can withdraw the data straight from Outlook to keep it secure.
  • Activity Tracker: If you host a lot of important files on your private server, you want to know who else has their hands on your data. You can check the Activity Tracker to verify if the file has already been accessed.

Feature highlights: Secure Mail and Guest Accounts

Secure Mail for guaranteed compliance

Elevate your email security with Sendent’s Secure Mail feature specifically designed for data-sensitive industries like banking, law, and healthcare.

Secure Mail allows users to protect their email content from interception by uploading the email and its attachments to their Nextcloud instance. No sensitive content is shared via the mail server. Additionally, they can password-protect the link for added security.

Guest Accounts for private sharing

With Guest Accounts, you can create a secure and private account for anyone who needs access to your data on a frequent base. This could be a client, a vendor, or a partner who requires access to specific files or emails. The recipient will receive an email invitation with a link to your Nextcloud instance where they can access the secure guest account that contains all earlier shared correspondence.

Guest accounts can be customized to suit your specific needs. You can set permissions for each guest account, allowing you to control what files and folders they can access. This ensures that sensitive information remains confidential and that you have complete control over who can view and download your data.

If a guest account has been set up for the recipient, the add-in will detect this and share the message directly to the guest account, including an internal link in the email notification. The recipient can then access the email by logging into their secure guest account.

Secure your mail with Sendent

Sharing and storing files via email can be a risky business, but with Sendent for Outlook, you can streamline your workflow and reduce the IT headaches caused by risky email attachments. By using Nextcloud to store and share files securely, companies can enforce data availability, retention, and safety policies to ensure that sensitive information remains protected.

Why use Sendent Outlook add-in:

  • Boost productivity with a user-friendly interface
  • Enjoy a fully integrated solution with key Nextcloud settings
  • Benefit from centralized control for administrators
  • Protect your email content and attachments with Secure Mail
  • Customize email templates to your liking
  • Implement easily and quickly for customers, employees, and IT departments

Make collaboration easier within your organization by implementing Sendent for Outlook. Reach out to our sales team to learn more about this Outlook integration and get the app.

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In this webinar, we demonstrate the integration of Microsoft Outlook and Nextcloud Hub using Sendent for Outlook.

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Available plans

Available for Outlook for Windows (VSTO add-in)
Available for Outlook for Windows, macOS, and Web (web add-in)
Share large files and create Public Shares
Nextcloud Talk integration
Withdraw shared files
Activate triggers to automatically activate Sendent
Activity Tracker
Default Sendent branding
Custom branding and theming
Custom email templates
Advanced UI branding*
Send passwords separately
Secure Mail
Create and connect files to Guest Accounts

*Currently available for VSTO add-in only.

Sendent for Outlook is available for business and private use. Businesses can directly contact our Nextcloud sales team to test Sendent for Outlook. You can download the free version of the add-in on Sendent website.

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