Enterprise Day speaker: Lars Karrock on connecting 10K users at EKHN in Hesse and Nassau

Nextcloud Enterprise Day is coming in one month’s time and we are excited to share the next speaker in our impressive lineup: Lars Karrock, Head of Organization and Information Technology Department at the Protestant Church in Hesse and Nassau.

From a wide variety of industries and backgrounds, our speakers will provide insightful talks on their experiences with Nextcloud. Read below to discover the Protestant Church in Hesse and Nassau and discover the unique use case Lars is bringing to the stage.

Nextcloud Enterprise Day speaker

About the Protestant Church in Hesse and Nassau (EKHN)

The Protestant Church in Hesse and Nassau (EKHN) is a member church of the Protestant Church in Germany (EKD) with around 1.2 million members and around 1,000 parishes. With around 19,000 full-time employees and 57,000 volunteers, the EKHN is also a large employer in the Hesse and Nassau region.

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Lars‘ topic: How EKHN uses Nextcloud as a centralized service

EKHN chose Nextcloud so they could have one place that enables everyone to use all of their distributed services. Nextcloud’s all-in-one platform combines file storage, sharing capabilities, office, calendar and so much more making it simple to collaborate and condense work flow.

Currently, around 10,000 users are on their Nextcloud instance working with Files and other apps efficiently.

In Lars’s upcoming talk at Nextcloud Enterprise Day, he will talk about how a heterogeneous organization can provide different services in one place that is both easy to access and use.

About Nextcloud Enterprise Day

Nextcloud Enterprise Day is our top event of the year for business leaders, decision-makers, and project managers to achieve their goals with Nextcloud.

From customer presentations and success stories to networking opportunities and access to management, sales, marketing, and engineering teams, you’re bound to walk away with new information, techniques, and inspiration.

The April 24th edition takes place at the fabulous Marriott hotel in Munich, Germany. Early Bird tickets are available until March 23rd.

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