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Vertrauen Sie auf Musk oder kommunizieren Sie föderiert mit Nextcloud Social!

Nextcloud Social bietet föderierte, vertrauenswürdige, "Big-Tech" -freie soziale Netzwerke

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French universities and research organizations get access to Nextcloud

For some time now, the French national research and education network (NREN) RENATER is testing Nextcloud. Together with our team they have deployed it in testing for over 40 organizations already. Those organizations who would like to provide this to their employees and students will...

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Nextcloud introduces social features, joins the fediverse

Today, Nextcloud 15 has been made available. As there is so much new and improved in this release, we have dedicated separate blogs to each main area of improvement. This blog covers a preview of the the brand new Nextcloud Social app, introducing social networking...

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Japan to add millions of new nodes to federated Nextcloud network

Nextcloud, Waffle Computer and NEC Platforms to bring federated file exchange and collaboration to millions of new users in Japan We are excited to announce that through a partnership with NEC Platforms, Ltd. and Waffle Computer, Ltd., millions of routers will be equipped with Nextcloud,...

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Nextcloud pushes forward Open Cloud Mesh API with proposal for 1.0 release

Nextcloud founders Frank Karlitschek and Bjoern Schießle invented the Federated Cloud Sharing API when still at ownCloud, and pushed the solution as a collaboratively developed standard under the Open Cloud Mesh initiative of the GÉANT Association, a European collaboration on e-infrastructure and services for research...

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Guest post: Federated Blockchains and the Financecloud API, by Matthias Klees

Finance Cloud API develops a protocol to launch financial and crypto services, and is using Nextcloud for the cloud part. Discover the presentation of the Finance Cloud API Idea, by Matthias Klees! Finance Cloud API, by Matthias Klees Since last year, we have been developing...

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ActivityPub: the new standard for decentralized networks

Today, the World Wide Web gained a new standard: ActivityPub. The recommendation has been published by the responsible W3C workgroup after 3 years of work, started in no small part by Christopher Lemmer Webber, founder of the Mediagoblin project. Nextcloud uses ActivityPub, implementing it to...

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Nextcloud announces Global Scale architecture as part of Nextcloud 12

Together with the availability of Nextcloud 12, we’re proud to announce a new architecture for scaling Nextcloud several orders of magnitude beyond its current limits, lowering costs for medium to large deployments and increasing the flexibility to spread data out between data centers. Named Global...

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Beta of Nextcloud 10 with Two-Factor Authentication, Improved Federation and more

Today we release a beta of Nextcloud 10. This release brings a number of new features like new authentication protection mechanisms (including brute force protection and Two-Factor Authentication), improvements to federation, usability work and more. We’re also close to implementing the final pieces of enterprise...

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