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Our Nextcloud webinars are for you to help you solve the challenges you face. In each one, we invite professional experts and software engineers from our team to share key insights about topics of interest that are relevant to your work or industry.

This month we have some very exciting webinars taking place and we wanted to highlight some of them! As always, they’re all free and just one registration away.

Air-gapped Nextcloud

Air-gapped Nextcloud provides a secure and isolated environment for hosting your Nextcloud instance, physically disconnecting it from external networks (e.g., the Internet) to ensure the highest data privacy and protection possible.

Joined by Joe Dutka, Sales Engineer at Nextcloud, learn how you can safeguard highly confidential data by going beyond standard security practices with an air-gapped Nextcloud environment.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Critical factors to consider before diving into Nextcloud’s air-gapped environment
  • Four different air-gap setups to tailor to different threat profiles
  • Setting up air-gapped Nextcloud instances to ensure a robust foundation from the get-go
  • Best practices for ongoing maintenance and upgrades in an air-gapped environment

Whether you’re a seasoned IT professional or a decision-maker responsible for safeguarding mission-critical data in the military, government agency, or a large enterprise, this webinar will give you the knowledge and tools necessary to fortify your Nextcloud fortress.

Date and time: Wednesday May 22nd, 3pm CEST / 9am EDT

German state Schleswig-Holstein: Nextcloud and AI

Schleswig-Holstein is transforming its state administration by adopting open-source solutions, with a key focus on the Nextcloud Hub collaboration platform. Felix Gebauer, Program Lead and Project Manager at the Schleswig-Holstein State Administration is currently leading the transition to open-source software and is overseeing the implementation of the state’s open-source strategy and the rollout of Nextcloud as the primary collaboration platform.

This webinar offers an in-depth exploration of how these strategic implementations are enhancing collaboration and bolstering digital sovereignty for over 25,000 public administration employees. Discover Schleswig-Holstein’s innovative approach to digital governance, emphasizing practical AI applications and effective strategies for managing digital transitions.

Key topics:

  • About Schleswig-Holstein’s open-source strategy
  • Challenges and developments in integrating Nextcloud
  • The role of AI in enhancing digital governance
  • Envisioning a digitally sovereign future in public administration

Date and time: Thursday May 30th, 3pm CEST

Nextcloud Hub 8: Regain control over your time

Nextcloud Hub 8 is designed to save you time and make your work life easier. Featuring the powerful Nextcloud Assistant 2.0, you have your own private AI assistant at your disposal.

With features like federated messaging in Talk and faster Mail capabilities, collaborating and managing your inbox is now easier. Plus, meet Nextcloud Teams for improved teamwork. To see all the new features in action, we invite you to join our webinar for an overview of Nextcloud Hub 8!

Date and time: Wednesday May 29th, 3pm CEST

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We also host webinars if you’re new to Nextcloud or are curious about switching from ownCloud to Nextcloud. Get all the information you need in these in-depth sessions.

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