Nextcloud 2018 Conference : Call for Papers

Nextcloud 2018 Conference is coming!!!

Three months from now, on August 23-30, our annual Nextcloud Conference will take place at Technical University Berlin. This is our opportunity to get together and make Nextcloud awesome (it already is, of course). Come and share with us what you’ve been working on: We want to hear about anything Nextcloud related! Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th will be dedicated to talks, workshops and keynotes, and all days will be focused on getting stuff done, from discussion to implementation. We are hands-on people so make sure to bring your laptop!

What’s the plan?

Our event is like one of our roughly bi-monthly hack weeks on steroids, taking place in bustling Berlin at the Technical University’s Mathematics building. Think intensive discussions and coding combined with nice drinks & food, only interrupted by good parties!

Thursday – Friday

On Thursday and Friday we will be busy working, coding, designing, discussing and working on the future of private, federated, secure cloud technology! Bring your ideas, laptop & get designing and coding with us.

If you want to build the next great Nextcloud app, or just meet the people Who Get It Done, join us!

Saturday and Sunday

On Saturday and Sunday we kick off each day with a dozen lightning talks and an inspirational keynote. While we have yet to announce keynote speakers you should stay tuned for some big news on each day!

The afternoon is reserved for workshops where we discuss and work on subjects like Talk, encryption, mobile clients and more. Some workshops will give you the opportunity to go in depth into topics like security or writing new apps. We’ll also feature workshops with more of a beginner focus for those interested in getting involved in Nextcloud. New to coding? NO problem, we’re open to prospective contributors with all skill levels.

On Saturday evening we will host a party – stay tuned for news.

Monday – Thursday

We will go back to what we do best: reflecting upon Nextcloud and getting our hands dirty!

Get ready…

As of today, registration for the conference is open and you can get yourself signed up right here or first learn more on our conference page. We’ll keep registration open until the event but would appreciate it if you would register in time so we can plan properly!

Want to get a taste of the event from last year? Check out our blog from 2017!

Here comes the Call for Papers!

Our call for papers is now open. We invite you to submit a proposal if you want to present or share something related to Nextcloud. Your proposal should be simple and short: Just tell us in a few words about what you want to share with the other Nextclouders. Talks are 5 minutes, slides in PDF (to be submitted at least 1 week in advance) and a pre-arranged order so we can go through the talk without any fiddling in between with projectors or such. Workshops can be between 1 and 4 hours long and are meant to teach new skills (Write your first app! Security! Performance optimization!) or get things done together (implementing a new API across clients! Build a new app!).

Note that the talks are very low-key and low-stress: anyone can present and the conference team happy to help you practice a bit if you’re worried about talking in public. You will be among friends, no pressure!

Want to get a feel for the talks? Check out the video recordings from last year on YouTube.

We would like all talks to be submitted before August 1st so we can put a full schedule together. Still, the sooner the better.

If you have any questions, you can reach us on Twitter, Facebook, or on the forums.

We look forward to hearing from you!