Live demo of Hancom Works now available, coming to AWS Marketplace

Just a few months ago, we announced Hancom Office integration in Nextcloud at the Nextcloud conference 2020. By integrating Hancom Office Online, Nextcloud adds Office-compatible content creation tools and real-time co-authoring capabilities.


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Last week we announced a wider strategic partnership and availability of Hancom Works, an integration of Nextcloud and Hancom Office on Amazon Web Services.

Nextcloud is widely used on-premises, but can also be a powerful platform on public infrastructure-as-a-service clouds like Amazon Web Services. Nextcloud customers like SIEMENS benefit from the powerful datacenter infrastructure of Amazon for high-bandwidth high-performance data transfers. Hancom offers an easy to setup package of of Nextcloud and Hancom Office through their Hancom Works offer in the AWS Marketplace.

Live demo

Hancom now has a live demo available for immediate evaluation. You can simply sign in using the demo accounts and see how the real-time collaborative editing works!

Follow the steps published on the Hancom official website for a quick look and test how it works!

Nextcloud users in multiple locations can use the built-in text- and video-chat features of Hancom Office while concurrently reviewing, commenting, and co-editing Office documents, spreadsheets, and multimedia presentations. The privacy and security features for which Nextcloud is known to ensure the security and integrity of content created and updated using Hancom Office within the Nextcloud environment.

About Hancom

Hancom Office is part of Hancom Group ( Founded in 1990, Hancom Group is a leader in creating innovative ecosystems that will lead the world through the convergence of technology. With its reach of 18 affiliate companies covering hardware, software, and the finance industry, the Group’s mission is to create a “convenient world, connected world, and safe & secure world.”

Hancom has been providing productivity applications for 30 years. Its major international partners have included Samsung, Google, Amazon Web Services, Polycom, (Russia), iFLYTEK (China), and Fibercorp (Argentina).