Introducing HKN, the biggest multiregion German Openstack Cloud!

HKN logo
We’re excited to announce a new Nextcloud partner in Germany! Starting in 1996 and now a team of 10 strong, HKN has been betting on scaleable, open source cluster technology since its inception. The technologies have changed since the mid nineties, but not the ambition: build a cloud that automatically scales with the needs of its users.

HKN begun deploying Nextcloud for its customers almost immediately after Nextcloud started in 2016, convinced by its strong technological leadership and fast development. The bet paid off, now Nextcloud has become the market leader in self-hosted collaboration platforms.

Custom scalability

Today, HKN offers bigger organizations a scaleable, HA-capable, resilient platform with Nextcloud that is hosted in their own data centers in three German cities, Düsseldorf, Hamburg and Berlin with soon Frankfurt being added. HKN builds its cluster with Kubernetes, MiCADO and OpenStack – technologies which can serve huge installations in an efficient way.

Their approach to scalability is extremely flexible, and by owning data centers, unique solutions are possible. As an example, say your business needs to temporarily have a dedicated 100GB uplink to the web because you’re sending out a customer mailing with downloads from your Nextcloud server? That, plus the extra compute power can be yours just for the week or two you need it!

Another unique feature HKN offers is ‘hybrid’ cloud solutions, with an internally, on-premises hosted Nextcloud at the customer working seamlessly with a Nextcloud in their data center.

A proven partner

More than 300 medium-sized companies, public authorities and organisations use the HKN Open Cloud. Typically, their offering is used by customers who value high availability and easy scalability.

HKN offers the perfect solution for customers who need a German-hosted, GDPR compliant, custom and well managed solution which scales any which way is needed. As Nextcloud silver partner, they offer proven expertise with the backing of the entire Nextcloud engineering team when needed!