Fujitsu to Showcase Nextcloud Technology at Didacta

Our partner, Fujitsu, will be participating in Didacta, the world’s largest trade fair for education and training, from 7 to 11 March 2023 at Messe Stuttgart.

At this trade fair Fujitsu will be showcasing their Securon Connect education portal, which offers a broad range of services from Identity Management to Messaging and Video Conferencing, and even Moodle Learning Management as a Service. Additionally, Fujitsu will be presenting the use of Nextcloud Hub technology, as part of Securon Connect, which features real-time document editing, chat functionality, and video conferencing, making it the ideal solution for remote learning and collaboration.

Fujitsu is a reliable service provider and connecting system integrator in the education sector. We encourage you to visit Fujitsu at Didacta and learn how their solutions can transform the way we learn and work together. Their booth located in Hall 1, booth G13.2 as part of the Bündnis für Bildung (Alliance for Education) booth setup.

To find out more about Didacta, please visit the official website and to learn more about Fujitsu and their technologies for schools and universities, please visit their dedicated education page.