First in Germany again

Nextcloud participated in the CloudComputing-Insider Awards and won again the first prize in Germany, in the Filesharing & Collaboration category!

Over a total of 20 weeks from spring to late summer 2021, readers of the individual insider portals were asked to vote for their favorite in each category. IT Awards got votes from over 60 000 readers this year and Nextcloud came out on top , chosen by the largest community of IT professionals. We’re very proud of this and we’d like to thank everyone who made this possible, that is, all of you! Especially all of you who voted, but also everyone else who helps spread the word or improve Nextcloud directly with code, documentation or helping other users on our forums. Every bit makes a difference!

The Insiders Awards

The editors created a shortlist in each category with the ten most important companies in each of the last twelve months. The editorial shortlist included companies that had made a particularly positive impression in the recent past – whether through groundbreaking new technologies, outstanding products and concepts, or forward-looking strategies.

With over 1.5 million monthly page impressions, many IT professionals in the German B2B world follow the Insiders portals. The yearly IT Awards are a highlight for the community, with strong competition. You can read a full overview of the winners in this article (in German).

IT Awards
Photo: Vogel IT Medien