CloudComputing-Insider Award: Vote now!

It’s the fourth time that Nextcloud is nominated for the Cloud Computing Insider Award in the category FileSharing & Collaboration. Last year we were second and this year, we would really appreciate your support to get us to first place!

Support Nextcloud, vote now!.

As the form is in German, if you need help – read on for some quick tips that help you get through the German!


CloudComputing Award 2020

Let’s make it together to the first spot in 2020!

Over the last four years, readers of the renowned German “Insider Medien” have voted Nextcloud to third and second place in the FileSharing & Collaboration category. Share your love again for your preferred Filesharing & Collaboration Tool and let’s make it together to the first spot in 2020!

The voting form is available in German only, so here’s a quick guide for the rest of the world:

    1. Open the form, scroll to the “Filesharing and Collaboration” category and click the Nextcloud logo to vote (or the one you prefer).
    2. Scroll down and click on “Weiter” which stands for “Continue” to fill the required fields:
    3. Choose “Frau” for “Miss” or “Herr” for “Mister”.
    4. Type your first name in the box named “Vorname” and your last name in “Nachname” text field.
    5. Enter your email address.
    6. Accept the terms and conditions page which states that you are taking part in a free contest. You can do this by clicking on “A” “Ich akzeptiere”.
    7. Click “Nein” for “No” to decline or “Ja” for “Yes” to subscribe, respectively, to the newsletter (which is in German).
    8. Confirm the Declaration of consent / Data protection.
    9. Click “Senden” or enter to submit the vote.
    10. That was it! Click here to vote.

      Thank you for your time and support!