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Watch this webinar recording about – Nextcloud as a secure on-premises solution for storing sensitive information

Sensitive data refers to confidential information that must be safeguarded and inaccessible to unauthorized individuals. In light of this, Nextcloud provides an on-premises solution that empowers customers to take charge of their data in a literal and direct manner. Instead of floating somewhere in the cloud, your data resides in your data center, on a […]

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Webinar recording on Nextcloud Groupware and Office: The Key to Streamlining Your Business Operations

This exciting session is the perfect opportunity for anyone who wants to explore the Nextcloud Office & Groupware features and capabilities. In this webinar recording, you will have the chance to learn about Nextcloud’s enhanced security measures, including end-to-end encryption and two-factor authentication, which help safeguard sensitive data and protect against cyberattacks. Moreover, you’ll discover […]

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Watch this webinar recording to learn about our latest release Nextcloud Hub 4!

Nextcloud Hub 4 integrates intelligent, ethical AI features that are designed to eliminate issues like data leakage, high CO2 footprint, and discrimination, making it a unique and responsible choice for businesses. By watching this webinar, professionals can discover how Nextcloud Hub 4 can transform the way they work and collaborate and how its security and […]

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Watch this webinar recording to learn why Nextcloud is the Ideal Platform for Government Organizations

Governments are shifting away from foreign cloud providers due to increasing concerns about digital sovereignty. In this evolving landscape, Nextcloud has emerged as the leading self-hosted private cloud solution for government organizations. With its strong security and privacy features, customizable interface, and flexible deployment options, Nextcloud offers government organizations the control and protection they need […]

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Nextcloud Hub for Universities and Research Institutes (Japanese webinar)

Join this webinar to hear firsthand accounts of Nextcloud implementation from leading universities. Meiji University and the Technical University of Berlin. Be aware that this webinar will be in Japanese!

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How to migrate to Nextcloud Hub

Watching this webinar recording will serve as an excellent preparation for your upcoming migration to Nextcloud Hub.

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Join our Expert Talk on: How Nextcloud enables Educational institutes to collaborate efficiently

Join our interactive video session with Nextcloud experts Mikaela Schneider, Roxana Bocancea and Fyruz Wahid to learn why many Educational institutes are moving away from Big Tech collaboration platforms like Google Drive and Microsoft 365 to Nextcloud. They discuss the challenges these big platforms offer for educational organizations need and evaluation criteria for selecting collaboration […]

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Overview of Office and Groupware in Nextcloud Hub 3

We are offering a recording of this successful webinar about Nextcloud Office and Nextcloud Groupware in our latest release of Nextcloud Hub 3.

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Overview of Nextcloud Talk

If you are in search of a business communication platform for your company, this webinar recording can provide you with insight into various features of Nextcloud Talk that can help your organization’s employees to enhance their collaboration and productivity. In this webinar recording you will get to hear from our presales expert Pietro Marino on Nextcloud Talk features. Sign […]

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