Eight years strong: Happy Birthday, Nextcloud!

Happy Birthday Nextcloud - 8 years

Nextcloud turns 8 today! It is hard to believe that it has been that long — time flies when you’re having fun, they say.

We’ve achieved a ton in those 8 years, going from a small startup to a team well over 100, from the unknown to the leading on-premises collaboration platform, from a file sync & share to a full-stack ecosystem, and so much more.

And in all that, we brought freedom and privacy to tens of millions of users and tens of thousands of businesses and local and federal government organizations. We are, of course, incredibly proud of that!

However, none of that would have been possible without the wholehearted support of our amazing community. From coders and designers to translators and testers – everybody is part of this success and we are grateful for your contributions. Together, we’re standing stronger against the Big Tech firms that aim to hoover up our data!

So, let’s reflect a bit today on what we achieved. And think of what we will be doing the coming years!

Frank & the Nextcloud team 💙

From a bright few to a global team of 100 🌳

In the beginning, Nextcloud was no more than a dozen of enthusiasts and engineers chasing a dream of a fair world where your data belongs to you. Today, we are a team of over 100 employees scattered over 20 countries, a contributing community of thousands, and a thriving ecosystem of partnerships. Nextcloud helps millions of users, thousands of organizations, on their journey to digital sovereignty and data privacy.


Always looking for new talents 🌟

Rising tide lifts all boats. Whether you are pursuing a career in software engineering, marketing, sales or human resources, we welcome you to become a part of the Nextcloud story!

Nextcloud open source community

Celebrating our blossoming community 💙

Community is in the DNA of our project. It is the force behind the evolution of Nextcloud, its look and feel, and, of course, the global awareness. Numerous coders, designers, testers, writers, bloggers and users are shaping Nextcloud, and today the numbers make us beam with pride!

750k GitHub commits 🧑‍💻

Done by the Nextcloud team and community.

60K forum members 🤓

>65k topics and >300k posts on the Nextcloud Community forum.

530 security experts thanked 🩺

550+ HackerOne reports resolved with average response time of 4 hours.

481 apps 🧩

Numerous new integrations submitted daily, ready to use in Nextcloud.

Championing privacy, transparency and responsibility 🌍

We are very proud to continue our organic growth, achieved in the most sustainable way with no external investors involved. Year after year, no stage of development shifts our focus from the values we’ve held since day one.

Nextcloud believes privacy is a fundamental human right, driving all our product development. We prioritize long-term stability over short-term gains. Our 100% open-source approach, adherence to open standards, diversity and decentralization empower our users to stay in control, in the most direct sense.

Powered by trust

To this day, Nextcloud has been deployed on countless machines, on the scale from a family server at home to multi-million-user setups leveraged by the biggest cloud providers. Cloud pioneers like América Móvil or Deutsche Telekom, government users like the German Federal Government and French Ministry of Internal Affairs, financial companies like Raiffeisen Informatik and Stadtsparkasse München, public radio and television, charities, international organizations like Amnesty International, and countless other teams regain control over their data with Nextcloud.

Looking back at our breakthroughs 💫

8 editions of Nextcloud Hub

A file sync and share service evolves into a comprehensive collaboration platform, integrating pioneering technologies within the most user-friendly and accessible package. Just over a month ago, we launched the 8th edition of Nextcloud Hub, our latest and greatest — Nextcloud Hub 8. What a lovely coincidence!

Nextcloud Hub online collaboration

Paving the path for Ethical AI

Best tools, not the hype — since the dawn of generative models and new-age virtual assistants, we are doing our research to help you stay safe and sane. Nextcloud Assistant that has just hit the 2.0 milestone is not just the interface, but everything you want to make of your AI helper. Using open, ethical, local tech. Beep!

Nextcloud Ethical AI

Contributing to global digital sovereignty

We are standing our ground when it comes to data ownership, across industries and applications. Since the very beginning, we conceptualize, invest our resources and make friendships to make true digital sovereignty possible:

After eight years, we have lots of stories to tell. Find more in our press room!

Bracing for the challenges of tomorrow 🚀

No accomplishment will make us pause and think, ‘Well, I already like where I am!’ Our achievements today are just the fuel for future breakthroughs, energizing us to keep moving forward. Thank you for being a part of this adventure!

What does this future hold for Nextcloud? A perfect place to meet, discuss and decide is the upcoming Nextcloud Conference! You can already register for free and submit your proposal for a talk if you wish to become a speaker.


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