Stadtsparkasse Munich facilitates customer data exchange with Nextcloud by HKN

As one of the oldest banks in Germany, Stadtsparkasse Munich has gone through many groundbreaking changes since its founding in 1824. From introducing cashless payment transactions in 1899, to converting to a computerized electronic data processing system between 1968 and 1971, they have always put modernization first. In fact, the bank was one of the first in Europe to introduce IT. In today’s day and age, they are now at the forefront of the Cloud.

Cloud centered, cloud focused

For some time now, Stadtsparkasse München has been running an on-premises Nextcloud server to exchange confidential data with customers. More recently, in 2020, the bank decided that they wanted to transfer all their internal managed systems to the data centers of competent, regional partners. With a Gold Partnership with Nextcloud, HKN stood out as an ideal partner for running their Nextcloud services.

Nextcloud offers a unique on-premises solution for financial services companies.

HKN delivers Nextcloud on its open cloud

With 25 years of experience in hosting Linux applications, HKN was more than capable to deliver quality results with all Stadtsparkasse’s requirements for a provider. From being a German based data center, to having significant migration experience, their top five requirements were met.

For several months, HKN was there throughout the entire process, ensuring a smooth migration and testing every detail. The end result satisfied employees and administrators.

By switching to HKN’s Open Cloud, Stadtsparkasse München achieved high availability, scalability, DSGVO-compliant hosting, and more.

Nextcloud Enterprise and beyond

Through HKN, Stadtsparkasse München benefits from Nextcloud Enterprise advantages like improved security, stability and of course direct access to our top engineers.

As a highly trusted financial institution, Stadtsparkasse München has always been looking a step ahead to provide the most advanced, modern, and secure solutions that deliver the best service to their valued customers in Munich and beyond. They are a bank committed to their city and with this interest in society they keep an integral focus on new apps and features.

Check out the case study to get a detailed look at how Stadtsparkasse München, HKN, and Nextcloud conquered the challenge, how they implemented it, and the final results.