Nextcloud Talk expands to include chat on all platforms, improves user experience

Today, updates to the Nextcloud Talk decentralized video and text chat communication platform deliver chat on iOS and Android and improve the user experience across supported operating systems. Building on the earlier Talk 3.2 release, it is now possible to do voice-only calls, users can be mentioned and notifications of unread messages are more visible. Organizations and private users in need of secure communication under their control can update their mobile devices and servers immediately.

Nextcloud Talk

Nextcloud Talk is a fully open source video meeting software, on-premise hosted and end-to-end encrypted. It features a text chat and is available for web and mobile. Nextcloud Talk makes it easier than ever to host a privacy-respecting audio/video communication service for home users and enterprises.

Self-hosting the infrastructure ensures the absolute confidentiality of communication, as even metadata does not leak to anyone else. Business users have optional access to the Spreed High Performance Back-end offering enterprise-class scalability, reliability, and features through a Nextcloud subscription.

The server version of Nextcloud Talk introduced version 3.2 last month, delivering text short cuts, user mentions, multi-chat support and unread message counts among other improvements.

With the mobile Talk apps, users can receive push notifications when others call them, and pick up easily. New is the ability to send and receive chat messages in one-on-one and group chats.

Improvements to clients

The Android client today introduces version 2.0, delivering the following new capabilities:

  • Chat
  • Client certificate based authentication
  • Voice-only calls
  • Significantly improved calls UI (e.g. avatars when remote video is disabled)
  • Endless loading for contacts & Remote search
  • And many smaller improvements

The iOS client version 2 has the following additions:

  • Chat
  • Unread messages indicator
  • User mentions
  • Mentions highlighted in chat
  • Mentions autocomplete/suggestions
  • And many smaller improvements

Please note that chat and voice-only calls requires at least Nextcloud Talk version 3.2 on the server side.