Nextcloud podcast episode pt. 11: Interview with Sebastian and Michael from!

In this 11th episode, our host Ingo talked with Sebastian Holländer, the Product owner & Michael Ernst, the Chief Software Officer at

Learn more about what is, how and why they chose Nextcloud, and the simple and quick steps of getting started with Nextcloud, either as a home or business user. logo

We decided to go for Nextcloud because Nextcloud is more targeted to be a collaboration platform than just only file storage, and that was very attractive. We thought that this collaboration platform is also something clients will like to use. It has a big ecosystem, and is maintained very well and we decided to offer it as a product to our customers too. We see it as a solution for real world problems, for users that want a safe storage for their data.

While they say that the demand for Nextcloud is high, the goal is to make the experience as smooth as possible, find the simplest way for everyone to have data stored in a safe place. To better explain what Nextcloud offers on certain topics, they cover it in a blog section.

Find the feed on our podcast page and listen to the full interview! If you have not heard the previous episodes, check them there as well.

So tune in!