Nextcloud and VIBE Cybersecurity Join Forces to Launch Crypto as a Service

As shared in a press release today, over the coming months VIBE Cybersecurity will offer a unique end-to-end encryption technology integrated in Nextcloud as an additional security option for enterprises.

From the press release:

VIBE Cybersecurity’s cryptosystem, patented as Verifiable Identity-Based Encryption (VIBE), substantially improves upon the IBE standard, rendering this market-proven protocol ideal for today’s digital world. VIBE is certificateless, and delivers the added value of authenticating at the application layer. Packaged as Crypto-as-a-Service, it is very easy to deploy and use, does not require sophisticated technical or security skills for system administrators, and also provides immense logistical value as a vehicle to deliver flexible, seamless key deployment and key management infrastructures.

The Nextcloud VIBE offer will begin with Windows, followed by the other major OS, with a rich set of additional capabilities, features and client support scheduled for introduction throughout 2021. If you want to learn more about this offer from VIBE, contact them on their website.