Nextcloud 3.10.1 for Android is out! Plus tips about remote wipe and document collaboration!

Android client 3.10.1

Starting from today, the Nextcloud Android client 3.10.1 is available in the app store! This is a minor release which brings many small bug fixes and lots of improvements & refinements.

Among other fixes, now the sharing details of pre-shared files or folders appear without causing the app to crash when using a self signed certificate. We would recommend Let’s encrypt for users as a more convenient way to secure your server.

You’d like to know everything about this release? Dive into the details, take a look here and don’t forget to get the updates!

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Note: This release will be available on Fdroid after up to 24 hours.

Nextcloud 3.10.1 for Android

Nextcloud 3.10.1 for Android

Nextcloud 3.10.0 for Android

In case you missed it, we released Android client 3.10.0 with some awesome new features last month. Read about the new collaborative tools, dark mode, rich workspaces and many more!

Tips: did you see these?

Make your life easier with some Nextcloud Android app features you might haven’t noticed yet.

Remote wipe integration

Remote wipe allows users and administrators to forcibly clean files from remote devices, for example in case they are stolen. This feature is available on the Nextcloud Android client as well! Did you know about this?

While many companies have Mobile Device Management, thanks to built-in support, remote wipe will work on systems not under management of the company. This is useful for home users but also large universities and of course in a scenario where guest accounts were handed to a third party. If you permit downloading of documents by the third party, you can wipe the files from their devices when the the collaboration has ended.

These things usually catch you unprepared, as no one really expect it at any time. Now remote wipe is available on your mobile’s settings, so you don’t need to be in the office to prevent data “disasters”!

Clickable links on markdown previews

Many collaboration improvements have been made to the latest releases! One of them is this, making it possible to click links even on a downloaded markdown file when you access it locally on your mobile, enabling full access to the content of your files!


Of course many fixes, refinements and features are being made regularly and older versions of Nextcloud are not supported. If you run an outdated, unsupported Nextcloud, the Android app will warn you of the risks. Nextcloud 13 is the oldest release that will work with this version of our app and you will get a warning if you are still running Nextcloud 15 or older. We strongly recommend private users to upgrade their Nextcloud servers.

As companies sometimes have to use older versions, Nextcloud offers long term support. Contact our sales team for more information on this.

Thank you community!

A big thanks goes to all the awesome members of our community that regularly help us make Nextcloud better, by translating Nextcloud to other languages or reporting and fixing issues!

Would you like to contribute to our Android app too? Check out all you need to know here.


We appreciate your feedback! If you’d like to share your comments with us, continue the discussion in our forums. What’s the best thing about the Nextcloud Android client so far?