Collabora Online 1.8 with LO 5.1 and new features

collabora-spreadsheetToday, Collabora releases version 1.8, which brings an upgrade to LibreOffice 5.1 as well as some statusbar features for Writer and Calc.


The new release is based on LibreOffice 5.1 which fixes a large number of small rendering issues and is a bit faster and more stable overall.

In feature news, the Statusbar has been updated. It shows a word-count in writer and Calc gained the quick statusbar ‘sum” functionality, among other things. On top of that, security and bugfixes are included in this release so we strongly recommend upgrading!

Go get it!

You can get your own Online Office setup by following our extensive instructions on our website. Docker has a built-in upgrade process which you can do by pulling again, stopping the current image, removing it and starting the new one:

  • grab new docker image:
    docker pull collabora/code
  • List docker images:
    docker ps
    from the output you can glean the Container ID of your Collabora Online docker image.
  • stop and remove the Collabora Online docker image:
    docker stop CONTAINER_ID
    docker rm CONTAINER_ID
  • start the new one:
    docker run -t -d -p -e "domain=cloud\.nextcloud\.com" --restart always --cap-add MKNOD collabora/code

Notable Replies

  1. Shouldn’t docker pull docker pull be docker pull collabora/code ??


    root@hostname:~# docker pull docker pull
    "docker pull" requires exactly 1 argument(s).
    See 'docker pull --help'.
    Usage:  docker pull [OPTIONS] NAME[:TAG|@DIGEST]
    Pull an image or a repository from a registry


    root@hostname:~# docker pull collabora/code
    Using default tag: latest
    latest: Pulling from collabora/code
    512b11b31aa9: Already exists 
    a3ed95caeb02: Already exists 
    Digest: sha256:97f2303ee682b5c31b9a545f77244aab572333d4fa4dc604ba0c817bffe15a18
    Status: Image is up to date for collabora/code:latest

    Also created a PR for the documentation @jospoortvliet

    Second edit: Would it be possible to use a self singed SSL cert?

  2. Yeah, I just tried the test server and I agree with your assessment. On the one hand, you can technically click on and do everything. On the other, you often have to scroll to get interface elements onscreen.

    Ah well. I look forward to the day when either Collabora has a mobile interface, or the NC client can do full 2 way sync, so I can use a local app to edit documents. Until then, I guess I’ll just use the one way sync, and occasionally manually re-upload the edited files.

    Still, Collabora is an impressive step forward for the free software world! I’m looking forward to being part of it’s evolution…

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