2nd Prize Hackathon Winner Creates Organizational Chart Feature in Contacts

One of the best parts about a hackathon is people coming together from around the world in the name of code. The team that created the new organizational chart is a prime example of that. Comprised of team lead Shieva Saavedra from the Phillipines, Manuel Castro, Juan Manuel Tejonero Valdes, and Alba Real Aragón from Spain, as well as Vassilis Kritharakis from Greece, it’s a real, internationally diverse team.

The organizational chart the team created is a new feature of the Nextcloud Contacts App. Using just one open source library, you can have an entire organizational chart be created in seconds from your contacts list.

It’s fast, dynamic, and interactive in operations.

Shieva Saavedra

Starting with the head of the organization or company, a list of employees under different heads, managers, and teams can all be made into a visual dream.

The organizational chart is perfect for the HR manager or team of any organization or business, as it works swiftly and is a place that can keep track of all the changes in staffing occuring all the time. For other employees in the organization, it’s a great visual to understand the hierachy in the organization and to be able to play around with the different teams and their leaders.

Visually appealing, interactive, and versatile, this new organizational chart is a must have! No more manual work, it’s now all automatic and easy, thanks to our hackers.

Also available is a single pull request for the code from the Contacts app.

To hear it from the team lead herself, watch the demo video below!

This feature is available now in the Contacts app. The team already has an open GitHub for improvements.

Under the team lead Shieva Saavedra, Manuel Castro, Juan Manuel Tejonero Valdes, Alba Real Aragón, and Vassilis Kritharakis all received the 2nd prize at the NextGov Hackathon and were awarded €3,500 for their time, efforts, and talents in creating the new Contacts feature. We thank them all for their work and dedication at the event, and in improving Nextcloud which in turn will hope to encourage public administrations to switch to more secure, open source cloud solutions.

Stay tuned for features of the rest of the winners on #AppTuesday!