The Nextcloud Box

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The Nextcloud Box is your private cloud. It stores your data and enables you to sync between your devices and share with others.

Unfortunately, the project has ended.

Western Digital has shut down their research team WDLabs which produced the box. Read our last status update blog on the Nextcloud Box for more details.

Check out our devices page for alternatives.

The software for the box as well as similar solutions are still being developed by Nextcloud contributors. You can use the Ubuntu Snap image for easy installation on small and large devices that already have an operating system. Alternatively you could use the NextcloudPi image, a pre-configured Raspbian system aimed at the Raspberry Pi and other boards.


The Nextcloud box consists of the following parts:

  • 1 TB USB3 hard drive from WDLabs
  • Nextcloud case with room for the drive and a compute board
  • microUSB charger, cables and adapters, a screw driver and screws
  • microSD card with Snappy Ubuntu Core as OS, including Apache, MySQL and the latest Nextcloud 10 pre-installed and ready to go
  • The Box does not come with a Raspberry Pi.
  • The Box is hardware-compatible with the Raspberry Pi 2 and 3, and the oDroid C2

The box is delivered with an OS image which only works with the Raspberry Pi 2. You can download a software image that works for the Pi 3 from our download server here (md5sum). There is no support image for oDroid C2 however you can find excellent tutorials on installing and running Nextcloud on a oDroid C2 by community member Carsten Rieger.

Note that by default, the Nextcloud Box only works on the network it is connected to (like your home LAN). It requires configuration of encryption (https) and router ports to reach it from outside your home network. We provide scripts for enabling SSL using Let‘s Encrypt, see our documentation.

Get the box

Sadly, the box is sold. Western Digital has shut down their research team WDLabs which produced the box. Read our last status update blog on the Nextcloud Box for more details.s

Check out our devices page for alternatives.

How to Box

The Nextcloud Box is very easy to assemble. It comes with all necessary screws and a screwdriver. The lid uses magnets (magic!) so you can quickly open and close it.

Nextcloud Box Wiki and Forums

You can find a lot of information, tips and tricks on configuring your Nextcloud Box on our wiki; discuss the Box and ask questions on our forums.

If you are interested in contributing to the software of the Box, you can find the Nextcloud Snap here – we look forward to your pull request. Find us on IRC in the Nextcloud development IRC chat channel on, also accessible via webchat.

Watch the announcement

The Nextcloud Box was announced at the Nextcloud Conference 2016, September 16 in Berlin, Germany.

On stage, in order of appearance: Nextcloud founder and managing director Frank Karlitschek, Canonical CEO Jane Silber and Joseph Lee, Head of Global Operations at WDLabs, the business growth incubator of Western Digital Corporation. Find more details in the press release of the announcement here.


The Nextcloud Box was developed in a partnership with WDLabs and Canonical and is one of multiple devices from Nextcloud partners. It is a reference device, meant to inspire and invite anyone to build their own. Get in contact if you’re interested in building a Nextcloud Box like device!

Find a blog on the development of the Nextcloud Box on the Ubuntu website. Learn more about delivering Snaps on consumer devices in this webinar.

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