Univention Publishes Nextcloud Appliance

At the Nextcloud Conference in August, Univention CEO Peter Ganten spoke about the work Univention does to make running a private cloud easier, especially in the educational market. Univention was a part of the Nextcloud Education Edition launch and the appliance they developed with the education apps is now available!

Nextcloud Appliances

The Univention Appliance allows users to run a pre-configured Univention Corporate Server OS which already includes Nextcloud. Once booted up in the Virtual Machine you walk through a few configuration steps and are quickly greeted by the Nextcloud login! User management of UCS and Nextcloud is integrated, insofar that if you create users in the Univention Management Console these will be available in Nextcloud and anybody who is admin in Univention Management System will be in Nextcloud.

Besides for testing, it is possible to use the appliance in production. Users can purchase an Enterprise subscription from Univention for the OS and Nextcloud is similarly able to provide support for their application on top of Univention.

Once you have this up and running you can install other applications from Nextcloud’s large selection of apps including Collabora Online (which requires an UCS app as well).

If you want to run Nextcloud in a VM, you can also have a look at the great work done by Tech and me, which eases the installation process and offers a preconfigured Nextcloud instance. They also provide a complete installation guide to get you up and running. Let us know how your experience with our appliances has been!