Speaking at Nextcloud Community Conference 2024: Dr. Constanze Kurz

Nextcloud Community Conference speaker Constanze Kurz with logo

We are excited to announce the first keynote speaker at the upcoming Nextcloud Community Conference — Dr. Constanze Kurz, an expert on surveillance techniques and IT security committed to data protection advocacy.

Keynote details

  • Title: Mass surveillance: The haystack has only grown bigger
  • Speaker: Dr. Constanze Kurz, netzpolitik.org
  • Date and time: September 15, 10 AM*

About the speaker: Dr. Constanze Kurz

Constanze Kurz holds a doctoral degree in computer science and is a publicist and author of non-fiction books on technology, computerization and society. She works at netzpolitik.org, a digital medium focusing on digital rights, privacy, internet policy and civil liberties.

Dr. Kurz has co-authored technical analyses for the German Constitutional Court in controversial cases concerning data retention, predictive policing, anti-terrorism databases or computerised voting. Notably, she is honorary spokeswoman of the Chaos Computer Club (CCC) and a fellow of the German Informatics Society (GI). Her most recent book on “Cyberwar” was published by C.Bertelsmann.

At the Nextcloud Community Conference, she will present a keynote titled “Mass surveillance: The haystack has only grown bigger”.

*Final date and time of the keynote may change. Check the conference page for up-to-date information.

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