Nextcloud and Redpill Linpro strengthen ties to accelerate growth in the Nordics

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21 Maggio 2024


Fabrice Mous

Berlin, May 21, 2024 – Nextcloud and Redpill Linpro are excited to announce a strategic evolution of their partnership, with Redpill Linpro now appointed as the official distributor of Nextcloud Hub in the Nordic region. This development aims to consolidate Nextcloud’s footprint in the Nordics, making it more accessible to a wide spectrum of businesses and organizations. Leveraging Redpill Linpro’s vast network and deep-rooted expertise, Nextcloud anticipates a significant expansion of its presence and enhanced engagement with Nordic customers.

Nextcloud Hub is an advanced self-hosted collaboration platform that blends file sharing, video conferencing, and comprehensive groupware functionalities, powered by on-premise AI capabilities. Nextcloud Hub gives organizations total control over their data, endorsing digital sovereignty and stringent data protection. Nextcloud’s dedication to privacy, digital sovereignty, and open-source values cements its status as a leading provider of privacy-centric collaboration solutions, appealing to a global audience that values data privacy and desires digital autonomy.

Becoming the official distributor for Nextcloud aligns perfectly with our mission to enhance digital societies in the Nordics, while boosting our capacity to scale operations alongside our local partners. With our robust Nextcloud expertise and the specialized capabilities of our Digital Workplace Competence Center, we are poised to not only support but also substantially grow the Nextcloud customer base in the Nordics. This strategic step will arm our customers and local partners with essential tools for full data sovereignty.

— Fredrik Svensson, Chief Business Development Officer at Redpill Linpro

This partnership enhances Redpill Linpro’s standing as a comprehensive service provider for Nextcloud, leveraging its well-established service portfolio and the expertise of its Digital Workplace Competence Center. As a distributor, Redpill Linpro is ideally positioned to support local partners in deploying Nextcloud Hub to their end-users. This development empowers Redpill Linpro to be a crucial facilitator in the widespread adoption of Nextcloud solutions throughout the Nordic region.

Teaming up with Redpill Linpro as our distributor in the Nordics is a significant step toward broadening our reach in a region. This partnership marks a crucial advancement towards offering our secure, private, and comprehensive cloud solutions to an expanded audience through a strengthened network of local partners.

— Andreas Rode, Chief Commercial Officer at Nextcloud

About Redpill Linpro

The Open Source specialist and digital societies builder Redpill Linpro contributes to the sustainable development of societies by helping companies increase their competitiveness and making digital services even better for more people. With open source, its deep technical knowledge and extensive experience across the private and public sectors, Redpill Linpro helps its customers digitalise and make the most out of their data. The company delivers all aspects of digital innovation, from analysis, design, security and development to integration, user experience and operation. With more than 300 employees the company has offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Karlstad, Linköping, as well as in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Oslo and Trondheim.

About Nextcloud

Nextcloud leads the cloud computing domain, offering a secure, open-source platform designed for collaboration and communication. Focused on privacy, digital sovereignty, and intuitive design, Nextcloud provides a complete solution for individuals and organizations to confidently manage their data within a private cloud environment. As a trailblazer in digital innovation, Nextcloud continues to redefine secure and adaptable cloud services on a global scale.


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