Nextcloud Conference Talks online!

This year again, Nextcloud conference has been great: More than 200 guests, a hackweek, two days of awesome talks, a great barbecue party where we got to hang out as an awesome community, and much more! As usual, most of the talks presented in the weekend sessions were short lightning talks by our contributors, employees and partners who had the occasion to present their great work on Nextcloud.

While nothing can replace being there in person (if you didn’t attend this year, join us next year!), we want to make the contents from Nextcloud conference available for those who couldn’t make it.

group photo 2018


Like every year, this edition of Nextcloud featured some great keynotes:

  • In the opening talk, Nextcloud founder Frank Karlitschek announced great news for Nextcloud: Millions of NEC routers, Nextcloud 14 and our Simple Signup program!
  • Linus Neumann, CCC Hacker, talked about data sovereignty in his keynote “L’utilisateur, c’est moi!”
  • Hans Erasmus presented an overview of how the North-West University in South Africa came to use Nextcloud with Collabora Online, and their plans for the future
  • Jona Azizaj and Xheni Myrtag share their Nextcloud Rails Girls Summer of Code journey – why they chose Nextcloud, what happened during the scholarship and what exciting things were waiting for them when they finished the RGSoC.

(direct link to playlist)

Lightning talks

Lightning talks are short sessions aiming at bringing the audience in only one track. They first allow to connect faces and topics: knowing who is doing what helps start the discussion! They are also a good option timewise, as 5 minutes encourage people to go straight to the point: no lengthy presentations, no people leaving the room because they’re not interested in the topic. Finally, they are a nice occasion to advertise workshops or more in-depth discussions later in the day to bring people together around a specific topic!

Here is an overview of what was discussed on Saturday:

  • Getting started contributing to Nextcloud – Kevin Gathuku
  • Pew pew sounds and mothers-in-law – Arthur Schiwon
  • How we can get control back from the Internet giants – Masayuki Note
  • Desktop Client – Camila Ayres
  • Enough: an app and a community to help journalists, sources and HRD – Loïc Dachary
  • Undoing a Ransomware infection – Marcel Waldvogel & Matthias Held
  • Recent work on Collabora Online by Collabora – Tor Lillqvist
  • Prototype Fund Round 5: Let machines learn! – Katharina Meyer
  • Improvements in frontend testing of Nextcloud – Julius Härtl
  • Using Nextcloud at the Municipality of Tirana – Silva Arapi
  • From VideoCalls to Talk – Joas Schilling & Ivan Sein
  • Talk for Android – Blend of the little things – Mario Danic
  • Spreed services for Nextcloud Talk – Joachim Bauch
  • Diversity in Open Source – Camila Ayres, Jona Azizaj, Jan-Christoph Borchardt
  • The Nextcloud VM – Daniel Hansson
  • ♻️ Make yourself obsolete! – Jan-Christoph Borchardt
  • 1-Click install: integrate Nextcloud with your system – Alessandro Polidori
  • F-Droid status update – Marcus Hoffmann
  • Introducing cdav-library – Georg Ehrke
  • Another year of HackerOne statistics – Roeland Douma

Sunday, the following lighting talks took place:

  • Indie Computing Special Announcement – Johannes Ernst
  • Nextcloud’s Two-Factor Authentication – Christoph Wurst
  • My GIT journey to contributing to Nextcloud – Jessica Greene
  • Android Files Client – Retrospection and sneak preview – Tobias Kaminsky
  • Nextcloud Single Sign On for Android – David Luhmer
  • ONLYOFFICE Online Editors: collaborate on documents in real time – Galina Goduhina
  • 🚧 Breaking barriers – Jan-Christoph Borchardt
  • Deck app status update – Julius Härtl
  • Nextcloud for personal use – Silva Arapi
  • DAVdroid / Managed DAVdroid / dav4android – Ricki Hirner & Bernhard Stockmann
  • Using Nextcloud from Moodle – Jan Dageförde
  • Update on the calendar app – Georg Ehrke
  • Nextcloud as a single-logon hub – Marcel Waldvogel
  • Outlook CalDav Synchronizer – Alexander Nimmervoll
  • Third Generation Cloud Storage with CERNBox – Giuseppe Lo Presti
  • Connecting NFS-Storage with Kerberos-Authentication to Nextcloud – Michael Roth
  • ACLs and Sharing – Gregor van den Boogaart
  • An Event Management Solution by FOSSASIA – Hong Phuc Dang
  • The next dashboard (Nextcloud 15) – Maxence Lange
  • Easy and maintainable Nextcloud setups in Active Directory environments – Nico Gulden
  • Why people give up while trying to install Nextcloud at home? – Denis Mosolov
  • Nextcloud Outlook Add-in – Luc Pasmans
  • Nextsecurecloud – Ali Abdollahi
  • On My Disk Connector: plug-and-play external storage for Nextcloud – Alexey Volkov
  • Zone of Privacy – Bryson C Hill

You can now watch all the talks on our YouTube Channel, gathered in the conference 2018 playlist!