Introducing CiviHosting

We’d like to introduce you to a new member of our hosting community, CiviHosting. CiviHosting is a top-tier hosting firm based in the US with a strong focus on security. Their CTO, Hershel Robinson, has become an active contributor to Nextcloud, helping with code review, security issues, our YouTube videos and improvements to our own website.


Until today, CiviHosting has specialized in CiviCRM (an open source CRM) and their team has been serving the CiviCRM community for over 10 years to very positive feedback. Now, CiviHosting has expanded their services to include specialized hosting for a few other packages as well. Nextcloud is their private cloud of choice, and we’re excited to welcome them onboard.

They offer shared hosting at a very fair price. For those with higher usage needs, they provide powerful VPS hosting and a high-end enterprise-level solution as well. Bulk discounts are available for larger clients or resellers, they offer a referral program, and of course, they install Nextcloud for you.

CiviHosting features servers in the US and Europe and services clients worldwide. As they put it:

Yes, we have clients from Alaska to Australia and the whole gamut of places in between and we have servers internationally to service them.

Service and Support

Users rate CiviHosting’s service and support as top, as many reviews show. They have been involved in supporting open source (CiviCRM, Drupal, WordPress, Linux…) for over 12 years and truly believe in open source, with their servers running only open source software.

Their “open” attitude extends to running their business as well, and they provide their clients will full freedom and full control over their data.

No web software on CiviHosting’s servers is ever locked down. We provide all clients with full access to their files and data, and each can generate and download an archive of all of their files and data at any time.


With security a prime concern to Nextcloud and its users, CiviHosting offers a strong security record with zero compromises since they started hosting. This spotless security record is achieved by a combination of automated and human monitoring services and having their support team online, watching their systems, 24 hours a day, every day of the year. They even take pro-active measures to protect their clients’ security and privacy.

You can see for yourself as CiviHosting offers a Nextcloud demo and Nextcloud instances on their servers rank a perfect A+ from our Private Cloud Security Scanner!

CiviHosting A+

CiviHosting also partnered up with Let’s Encrypt, a free, automated, and open certificate authority, to provide free SSL security to all of their clients. Integration is built into the CiviHosting Control Panel and so, at the click of a mouse, your site is protected by a Let’s Encrypt certificate.

We built our business on a few key principles, and one of them is security. We support a secure internet and have enabled all of our clients to have HTTPS security, at no cost, just by pressing a few buttons.


You can find public feedback about CiviHosting at the bottom of their Why Choose CiviHosting page and on the old Praise for CiviHosting forum thread from Eileen, one of the key CiviCRM developers, and Donald Lobo, the project founder and lead developer for many years.

For beginners to Nextcloud, see their What is a Private Cloud page, and for more information about their hosting services, visit their Nextcloud Hosting page.

We at Nextcloud want to thank CiviHosting for participating in our project and we wish them success in serving the Nextcloud community.

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