Attending 35c3, FOSDEM, SCALE? Meet Nextcloud!

This winter again, Nextcloud will attend some great events to meet our beloved community! With, of course, a full program: booths, workshops, presentations, and lots of time to meet you all.

35c3 – the 35th edition of Chaos Computer Congress

We have never had an official booth at the CCC Congress and we thought it was time to fix that. So, this year, we registered for an assembly in the Open Infrastructure Orbit, where we’ll have the luck to sit between like-minded projects! Don’t forget to watch out for our big blue Nextcloud flag, and come say hi!

  • While it’s too early to register for workshops, we have already made some plans. If you want to get familiar with Nextcloud, consider attending our Nextcloud install workshop in partnership with CryptoParty. For this workshop you’ll need to bring either a laptop, or a laptop and a raspberry pi.
  • Do you have any questions you have always wanted to ask about Nextcloud? Our “Ask us anything” workshop with Nextcloud founder Frank Karlitschek will be the perfect opportunity to do that.

We’ll communicate about the day, time and room for these workshops as soon as we can register. In doubt, come by at our assembly and ask!

35c3 will take place at the Messehalle in Leipzig, Germany, from December 26th-30th. By the time this is published, tickets should be sold out – it is unclear yet if there will be a possibility to buy day tickets directly at the location.


Like every year in our short history, Nextcloud will rock FOSDEM! We’re always very happy to have a large team of volunteers there, which allows us to be literally everywhere at the event!

This year again, find us at our booth and hang out with us in dev rooms we’re active in or co-organize including Open Source Design and Collaborative information and content management applications. And of course, we’ll let you know about all the talks from our community as soon as we’ll know more about those!

FOSDEM will take place at the ULB Solbosch Campus in Brussels, Belgium, on February 2nd & 3rd. You can find more infos about the event here.

Californian Tuxes

We also hope to be at SCaLE 17x, March 7-10 2019, Pasadena, California, USA. We don’t know yet if we’ll have talks and/or a booth, but that’s the plan. So if you would like to meet Nextcloud experts in the USA, the 17th annual Southern California Linux Expo is a great opportunity for that.