Announcing Enterprise Day Speaker: Nextcloud empowers the City of Cologne to achieve digital sovereignty

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9 Maggio 2023


Mikaela Schneider

Nextcloud Enterprise Day is soon here and we have an amazing lineup of speakers providing insightful talks!

One of those speakers is Ralf Sutorius, Lead Enterprise Architect at City of Cologne.

In preparation for their talk at Nextcloud Enterprise Day on June 13th, we asked their Lead Enterprise Architect, Ralf Sutorius, a few questions!

Announcing speakers at Nextcloud Enterprise Day: City of Cologne

Could you introduce yourself and the IT at City of Cologne?

“I work as a Lead Enterprise Architect at the central IT service provider for the City of Cologne. With our 450 IT specialists, we operate two geo-redundant data centers, over 850 applications and support more than 20,000 users. Our mission is as follows: “We drive digitization of business processes and deliver best services for our users and citizens.”

Could you explain why the city chose to deploy Nextcloud?

“We are convinced that the future of applications is on the web. Netxcloud provides core web-based capabilities such as file services, office application integration, collaboration and information sharing. So we see Nextcloud Hub as a strategic component in a web-based workplace of the future, which furthermore supports our path to digital sovereignty as an open source product.”

What will be the key take-aways for people who listen to your talk at the Enterprise Day?

“Possible key take-aways are:

  1. Why Nextcloud plays an important role for a web-based workplace
  2. How to use and enrich Nextcloud
  3. How we integrated OpenProject, an open source project management software and Kerberos based access to NAS-Filer.”

Answers are from Ralf Sutorius, Lead Enterprise Architect at the City of Cologne

Announcement: Ralf Sutorius from the City of Cologne is speaking at Nextcloud Enterprise Day

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