4 Nextcloud Hub tools to improve business productivity

In today’s digital landscape, organizations require tools that work together to increase collaboration, efficiency and control. Nextcloud, a leader in business collaboration software, offers a suite of products – called Nextcloud Hub – designed to meet the diverse needs of modern enterprises.

In this blog, we summarize the four key components of the Nextcloud collaboration platform, exploring how they provide organizations with advanced content collaboration solutions, enhanced productivity, and how they ensure adherence to data security for teams.

Nextcloud Talk: video and chat communication

Nextcloud Talk

An enterprise thrives if its teams can communicate well. When all teams have one place to send a message, a file, or spreadsheet easily, they will be more efficient and successful.

By using Nextcloud Talk as part of your collaboration software, you offer your employees one communication channel that is integrated with other apps like Files and Groupware (Emails, Calendar, Contacts). Employees and teams can conduct video conferencing, chat in real-time, and more.

Here’s a breakdown of what Nextcloud Talk offers businesses:

Video calls and video conferencing

According to a survey of 1,000 people in Germany, 33% have between one and five business video calls per day, 29% have between five and ten, and 27% even make more than ten video calls a day! That’s a lot of video calls and you sure need the right software to handle it.

Some features include:

  • 8 reactions (ex: clap, thumbs up, etc.)
  • Breakout rooms to boost team effectiveness
  • Recording consent for individual privacy
  • Timer to track calls and reminder by the hour
  • Screen sharing for enterprises

Chat including:

Whether you’re a small or medium sized business or a large scale-up enterprise, Nextcloud Talk functions the way you need it to.

Nextcloud Files: document sharing and collaborating

Nextcloud Files

All organizations need secure cloud storage and filing sharing software. It needs to be easily accessible anywhere, provide utmost security and foster collaboration.

By utilizing Nextcloud Files, your enterprise can manage its files in the way that synchronizes your files and works best. Whether that’s through powerful integrations or rich file access control, develop Nextcloud Files in your control.

Nextcloud Files offers:

  • Secure file sharing internally or externally
  • Advanced access permissions
  • File Drop feature to let others upload files to a secure folder via link
  • Integration with Microsoft apps and other cloud environments for secure self-hosted file exchange

Nextcloud Office: document collaboration software

Nextcloud Office

Powerful collaborative editing paired with versatility and security is what makes Nextcloud Office.

Office includes a powerful document writer, spreadsheet editor, presentation builder and drawing application for all business needs. Nextcloud Office is built upon Collabora Productivity, providing a strong base with incredible document compatibility. Experience the self-hosted online office that provides you more!

Nextcloud Tables

Nextcloud Tables, the impressive Microsoft SharePoint Lists or Airtables alternative, helps enterprises manage their structured data. With Nextcloud Tables, you can manage your employees’ time off, customer data, and more kinds of tracking and organizing.


Build your company handbook or create a knowledge base for your employees with Nextcloud’s Collectives. This wiki-like application lets you build a trustworthy space to share documents and knowledge within your organization – and even to the outside!

Reliable and scalable for large enterprises, try it out today!

Nextcloud Groupware: making calendar and email easy

Nextcloud Groupware

Your enterprise relies on communication and organization through email, calendar and contacts, so why not have it integrated directly with your files? Nextcloud Groupware is unique because whether you’re creating an email or updating a meeting, you can directly access and work with your files. By integrating email, calendar, contacts, and task management into a unified platform, Nextcloud Groupware enhances productivity and ensures that teams stay connected and organized.

  1. Unified Communication Platform: Nextcloud Groupware integrates email, calendar, contacts, and task management into a single, cohesive platform, streamlining communication and enhancing productivity.
  2. Shared Calendars and Scheduling: Shared calendars allow teams to view each other’s availability, schedule meetings efficiently, and maintain organized workflows.
  3. Collaborative Document Editing: Real-time collaborative editing enables multiple users to work on the same document simultaneously, fostering teamwork and accelerating project completion.
  4. Advanced Security and Compliance: With end-to-end encryption and stringent access controls, Nextcloud Groupware ensures that all communications and data are secure and compliant with regulatory standards.

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