Nextcloud events
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Nextcloud is represented at conferences and organizes its own meetups and events all across the globe. And you can participate!

Do you want to learn more about Nextcloud or are you interested in meeting fellow Nextcloud users and contributors (Nextclouders, as we lovingly call ourselves)? You have come to the right place! Nextcloud organizes and participates in many events around the globe and here you can find details on where you can meet us and participate in the largest self-hosted collaboration community!


Virtual events

Virtual events have gained significant popularity in recent years, and Nextcloud has also observed this trend. As a result, we are committed to providing high-quality information through various virtual formats.

Event calendar

The Nextcloud community organizes and participates in many events around the globe
and here you can find details on where you can meet us

Event Location Date
FOSDEM Brussels, Belgium 4-5 février 2023
CS3 Barcelona Barcelona, Spain 6-8 mars 2023
SCALE 20x Pasadena, California, USA 9-12 mars 2023
ESUP Portail Paris, France 15 mars 2023
Quinzaine Franco-Allemande France 5 avril 2023
Edtech 2023 Barcelona, Spain 19-20 avril 2023
DMEA Berlin, Germany 25-27 avril 2023
Cloud Expo Europe Frankfurt, Germany 10-11 mai 2023
esLibre Zaragoza, Spain 12-13 mai 2023
OpenExpo Europe Madrid, Spain 18 mai 2023
SantExpo Paris Paris, France 23-25 mai 2023
GITEX Maroc Marrakech, Marocco 31 mai-2 juin 2023
ESUP-Days #35 Paris, France 6-7 juin 2023
Nextcloud Enterprise Day Munich, Germany 13 juin 2023
We Make Future 2023 Rimini, Italy 15-17 juin 2023
Zukunftskongress Staat & Verwaltung Berlin, Germany 19-21 juin 2023
C1b3rWall Ávila, Spain 21-23 juin 2023
it-sa Expo & Congress Nürnberg, Germany 10-12 octobre 2023
Event Location Date
FOSDEM 2022 Online 5-6 février 2022
Cloudfest 2022 Rust, Baden-Württemberg, Germany 22-24 mars 2022
NextGov Hackathon Online 25-29 avril 2022
Cloud Expo Frankfurt 2022 Frankfurt, Germany 10-11 mai 2022
Univention Summit 2022 Bremen, Germany 17-18 mai 2022
Webinar “What’s new in Nextcloud Hub 24” Online 1 juin 2022
Webinar “Moving to a sovereign cloud with Nextcloud Hub’ Online 14 juin 2022
esLibre Vigo, Spain 24-25 juin 2022
OpenExpoEurope Madrid, Spain 30 juin 2022
Nextcloud Conference Berlin, Germany 1-2 octobre 2022
Nextcloud Enterprise Day Berlin, Germany 4 octobre 2022
it-sa Nuremberg, Germany 25-27 octobre 2022
Cloud Expo Europe Madrid Madrid, Spain 26-27 octobre 2022
Open Source Week (Red Hat and RIOS) Rome, Italy 7-9 novembre 2022
Open Source Experience Paris, France 8-9 novembre 2022
KommDIGITALE Bielefeld, Germany 15-17 novembre 2022
Librecon Bilbao, Spain 15-16 novembre 2022
DigitalSME General Assembly Brussels, Belgium 24 novembre 2022
eSam Stockholm, Sweden 24 novembre 2022
Event Location Date
CS3 cloud services workshop Online 25-29 janvier 2021
Univention Summit Online/Bremen, Germany 28-29 janvier 2021
FOSDEM Online/Brussels, Belgium 6-7 février 2021
Event Location Date
Univention Summit Bremen, Germany 23-24 janvier 2020
CS3 cloud services workshop Copenhagen, Denmark 27-29 janvier 2020
FOSDEM Brussels, Belgium 1-2 février 2020
Nextcloud Conference Online/Berlin, Germany 3-4 octobre 2020
Event Location Date
CS3 cloud services workshop Rome, Italy 8-30 janvier 2019
Univention Summit Bremen, Germany 31 janvier-1 février 2019
FOSDEM Brussels, Belgium 2-3 février 2019
Didacta Cologne, Germany 19-23 février 2019
SCALE 17x Pasadena, USA 7-10 mars 2019
Nextcloud Contributor Week Stuttgart, Germany 10-15 mars 2019
Nextcloud Enterprise Day Stuttgart, Germany 12 mars 2019
No-Spy Konferenz Stuttgart, Germany 17-19 mai 2019
OpenTechSummit Berlin, Germany 29-30 mai 2019
Infosecurity Europe London, UK 4-6 juin 2019
Nextcloud Contributor Week Stuttgart, Germany 24-28 juin 2019
Nextcloud Contributor Week Berlin, Germany 13-20 septembre 2019
Nextcloud Conference Berlin, Germany 14-15 septembre 2019
Nextcloud Enterprise Day Berlin, Germany 16 septembre 2019
it-sa Nuremberg, Germany 8-10 octobre 2019
Nextcloud – ONLYOFFICE webinar Worldwide 20 novembre 2019
Storage-Forum Leipzig, Germany 28-29 novembre 2019
JRES Dijon, France 3-6 décembre 2019
Open Source Summit Paris, France 10-11 décembre 2019
Event Location Date
CS3 cloud services workshop Krakow, Poland 29-31 janvier 2018
Univention Summit 2018 Bremen, Germany 1-2 février 2018
FOSDEM 2018 Brussels, Belgium 3-4 février 2018
GUUG-Frühjahrsfachgespräch 2018 Leipzig, Germany 28 février-2 mars 2018
Chemnitzer Linux Tage 2018 Chemnitz, Germany 10-11 mars 2018
FOSS Asia 2018 Singapore, Singapore 22-25 mars 2018
LinuxFest Northwest Bellingham, WA, USA 28-29 avril 2018
Open Tech Summit Berlin, Germany 10 mai 2018
Seminar at University of Skövde SKÖVDE, Sweden 14 mai 2018
Open Source Conference Albania Tirana, Albania 19-20 mai 2018
Nextcloud Conference 2018 Berlin, Germany 23-30 août 2018
IT-Security Messe & Congress Nuremberg, Germany 9-11 octobre 2018
Paris Open Source Summit Paris, France 5-6 décembre 2018
Chaos Communication Congress Leipzig, Germany 27-30 décembre 2018
Event Location Date
FOSDEM 2017 Brussels, Belgium 4-5 février 2017
didacta Stuttgart, Germany 14-18 février 2017
SCALE 15x Los Angeles, USA 2-5 mars 2017
Chemnitzer Linux Tage Chemnitz, Germany 11-12 mars 2017
FOSSASIA Summit Singapore 17-19 mars 2017
CeBIT Hanover, Germany 23-24 mars 2017
Ladies that FOSS Berlin, Germany 19 avril 2017
foss-north Gothenburgm Sweden 26 avril 2017
BeLUG Berlin, Germany 3 mai 2017
OSCON Austin, TX, USA 8-11 mai 2017
OSCAL’17 Tirana, Albania 13-14 mai 2017
No-Spy conf Stuttgart, Germany 19-21 mai 2017
OpenTechSummit Berlin, Germany 26 mai 2017
openSUSE Conference Nuremberg, Germany 26-28 mai 2017
TNC17 Linz, Austria 29 mai-2 juin 2017
Open Source Summit Japan Tokyo, Japan 31 mai-2 juin 2017
Open Cloud Day Bern, Switzerland 14 juin 2017
Forum Open Source 2017 Berlin, Germany 20 juin 2017
Nextcloud Conference 2017 Berlin, Germany 22-29 août 2017
Open Source Summit 2017 North America Los Angeles, USA 11-14 septembre 2017
SharePoint Forum Stuttgart Stuttgart, Germany 4 octobre 2017
All Things Open RALEIGH, NC, USA 23-24 octobre 2017
Chaos Communication Congress Leipzig, Germany 26-29 décembre 2017

Live events


Nextcloud community members get together in meetups to learn, share ideas and work on Nextcloud. Meetups are informal meetings which are typically held in the evening and can be focused on development, user or business topics. You can take part as a speaker, participant or promoter. Meetups are typically held once a month and are open to anyone. You can find the meetups managed on our discourse forum.

Find the next Meetup dates and more on

Nextcloud conference

The most exciting event on the yearly calendar for Nextcloud is of course our very own Nextcloud Conference! Over 300 Nextcloud community members get together for a full week. During week days, we write and discuss code while on the weekend we have an exciting, educational and inspirational program with keynotes, lightning talks and workshops around private, self-hosted cloud technologies.

You can read a report of our last conference in this blog and if you would like to join in 2023 – stay tuned.

Conferences, tradeshows and other events

Nextcloud is participating in trade shows and conferences to present our community and technology to visitors. Above is a list of tradeshows and conferences where Nextcloud is represented!

If you have questions and would like to meet us at an event, check out the Nextcloud Event Calendar and let us know on the forums you will be there.

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Travel support

Travel support

For the Conference, the Contributor Week and some events where we can use the help of some volunteers, we offer travel support. With this program, we cover 80% of your travel and hotel costs for a conference, and ask you to volunteer at the event. Please note that we can only offer travel support to a limited amount of our community members, so keep in mind that if we help cover your costs, the costs of another community member who may need it more than you can’t be covered – only request travel support if you need it! If you want travel support, send us a mail with the event you want to join and an estimation of your cost. We’ll tell you if it is OK and up to how much we’ll support.

If you are a member of an underrepresented group in open source/tech circles, we have the Nextcloud Include program, where some additional mentorship and support are available!