How Nextcloud’s Design Team and Community Work Together – Listen to the Nextcloud Podcast!

Interested in the design process at Nextcloud and want to get involved? Then this podcast is for you.

In this next podcast episode, our host Marius Quabeck speaks to a member of the Nextcloud Design Team – Nimisha Vijay. Nimisha started out as contributor through Nextcloud Include and is now on her 2nd year as part of the team.

After listening to this podcast, you will understand:

  • How the Nextcloud Design Team functions and works with the community
  • The journey to Nextcloud Personal – a customized look and background for your entire instance
  • What happens in a Design Review Call
  • Why UX is so important for inclusion
  • The different resources recommended for developers and others
  • How to contribute to design and Nextcloud

We hope you enjoy listening to this podcast!