Enterprise Day 2024 sponsor announcement: Bechtle

Nextcloud Enterprise Day sponsor announcement Bechtle

We are excited to announce Bechtle as one of the Nextcloud Enterprise Day sponsors!

Bechtle is close to its customers and is one of the leading IT companies in Europe with IT e-commerce companies in 14 countries. Bechtle also has a global network of partners to meet the needs of global customers. Bechtle support our more than 70,000 customers from industry and trade, the public sector and the financial market in their digital transformation and offer a complete range of IT infrastructure and IT operations services across manufacturers.

Bechtle is strongly committed to enhancing digital sovereignty, speciality in the public market. They championing open-source solutions and strategically operate services within European data centers to ensure the highest standards of data protection. Active engagement in the public sector, marked by successful collaborations with federal and state authorities, showcases Bechtle’s understanding and capability to meet the unique IT requirements essential for governmental operations.

This collaboration underlines the strength of the partnership between Nextcloud and Bechtle. Both entities strive to deliver secure, compliant, and effective IT solutions across various sectors.

As a next milestone of our ambitions partnership, Bechtle and Nextcloud are launching a managed digitally sovereign platform based on Nextcloud. This means that all features of Nextcloud Hub can now be offered to public organizations as a managed cloud service, easy to implement and without tendering.

We invite you to join the conversation with the forward thinkers of the global IT. Save April 24 in your calendar and register today to secure your seat!

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About Bechtle

Bechtle is a renowned German provider of IT services and solutions founded in 1983. It has since grown to become one of the largest IT service providers in Europe. The company serves a diverse base of customers businesses, government offices, and educational institutions. Bechtle’s portfolio of services includes IT consulting, software and hardware procurement, system integration, and managed services.

Bechtle is a leading ambassador for digital sovereignty. For many years, the company has been promoting technological independence as an fundamental part of the digitalization strategy. Bechtle have supported multiple organizations on their path towards digital sovereignty with a vendor-neutral portfolio of solutions and consulting services, as well as a European cybersecurity stack.

Bechtle is a company with an impressive history and a prominent position on the European and global IT landscape. We are fascinated to welcome Bechtle as an Enterprise Day supporter.

About Nextcloud Enterprise Day

Nextcloud Enterprise Day brings together the leaders and decision makers in the enterprise IT landscape. For one day, it provides a platform to foster innovation, exchange experience, and present unique cases of Nextcloud implementation.

The agenda encompasses exclusive talks and workshops. Topics include digital sovereignty, the future of AI in business, building a secure and resilient cloud infrastructure, and more. A highlight of the upcoming event is a presentation of the next big Nextcloud Hub update.

The April 2024 edition comes to Munich. It is a city in the heart of Bavaria famous for it’s unique mix of urban ambition, modernity and historical legacy.

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