Nextcloud 16 introduces machine learning based security and usability features, ACL permissions and more advanced project management capabilities


25. April 2019


Jos Poortvliet

Latest version of leading self-hosted content collaboration platform improves security and collaboration in enterprise environments

Stuttgart, April 25 2018 – Nextcloud GmbH, supplier of the globally most deployed self-hosted content collaboration platform, announces immediate availability of Nextcloud 16, bringing significant innovations in security and enterprise team collaboration. With machine learning employed to secure authentication, a smarter user interface which offers recommendations to users on the data they might be looking for, access control list support to replace aging File Servers and the introduction of Projects to improve productivity, Nextcloud continues to outpace the competition.

The introduction of access control lists makes Nextcloud a drop-in replacement for legacy file servers. It provides all the benefits of modern team collaboration technology while seamlessly fitting in existing infrastructure and workflows, avoiding the need of costly migrations and employee training.

said Olivier Paroz, head of professional services at Nextcloud GmbH.

The Suspicious Login Detection feature in Nextcloud 16 employs machine learning to detect suspicious logins. By training a neural network with accepted logins, warnings can be generated when unexpected activity is detected. Users or system administrators can then terminate the suspect session or reset their passwords.

To improve productivity, users are assisted in finding important content by recommendations for files and folders the user might be interested in or for people they might want to share with.

Access control lists are introduced, enabling system administrators to set specific access rights on files and (sub) folders in group folder shares. Permissions are inherited by default and can be overridden at any level.

Nextcloud 16 introduces Projects which enables users to keep their work organized by linking resources like chats, calendar items, tasks and files into projects. These are shared between teams who have access to the same files, while keeping the ability for users to add resources they alone work with.

Nextcloud 16 further enables teams to be productive while tightening security measures and control for system administrators, once again delivering a balanced release. A faster user interface that makes finding what you need easier, privacy information and easier setup of mobile devices make a real difference for users.

notes Frank Karlitschek, Managing Director and Founder at Nextcloud GmbH.

With Nextcloud 16 also comes a major release of Nextcloud Talk 6.0, introducing Commands which allows administrators to define actions users can call from a chat. This release also supports the new Projects feature, introduces persistent one-on-one conversations, adds security and usability improvements and more.

Besides the major feature highlights, this release introduces a Privacy Center, showing users where their data is and who has access to it, either because it was shared or because they administer the system. Client configuration is simplified with a QR code which sets up the clients without any need for entering server address, username and password. The Deck project management tool is updated with support for the custom group app Circles, full-text search and Projects integration. Administrators will appreciate the ability to selectively install and test apps not yet verified with new releases and configure external storage with new LDAP variables. Many dozens more smaller improvements are made all over the user interface, improving the accessibility, usability, performance and reliability of Nextcloud.

About Nextcloud
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