Last week in Nextcloud: First release, HackerOne floods and more

You are all tweeting at us!!!

You’re all tweeting at us!!!

This has been a crazy week, and it is only the third week Nextcloud exists. Let me share some of the things which have happened in the last few days!

Nextcloud 9

We released Nextcloud 9 what seems like an eternity ago – and it was just last Tuesday. With it came a clear promise that we’ll only be doing open source software. Jan blogged about the benefits that brings on a technical and design level while Bjoern had some more musings on the Freedom in Free Software.

We also put live the free Nextcloud Android app, thanks to the hard work of the team behind it. It has already had over 1000 installs and we’re sure to break the 5000 barrier soon. This large number of downloads even got us to the top of the list of productivity apps in Germany, check the list in your country and let us know where we’re at there! Nextcloud is available in the F-Droid store, where you can also find a beta version with some upcoming features – yes, you can help us test what’s coming!

Many users asked about migrating to Nextcloud 9 so we blogged about how to do that and our twitter channel is now flooded with people talking about their successful migrations. You can join the conversation!

It isn’t home users alone – a number of providers is already offering Nextcloud and ownCube let us know their users absolutely love Nextcloud! We’re working on putting up a page with providers, this is coming soon, promise. Customers are contacting us as well. If you’re in need of Nextcloud support, you can contact us here. And if you’re up for helping us talk to these customers, we’re urgently looking for additional sales team members!

We’ve also been excited to see so many people sign up to our newsletter. Over 1700 have joined while another 420 signed up but haven’t verified their email addresses yet. What are you waiting for, check your inbox!

Security news and forums

Last but not least, today we announced we’d be paying people up to USD 5000 if they find a security problem in Nextcloud and responsibly disclose it to us.

The result of that has been over 1500 emails in our contact inbox, floods of fake comments on this blog and some technical issues on the forums. Sadly, it seems the people reading our HackerOne page don’t notice we only offer bounties for bugs in Nextcloud, not our website, forum or email forms 😉

Talking of forums, on our forums users have asked to see if we could integrate the blog with discourse. Well, just installed the WP-Discourse plugin, let’s try how this works by commenting below or on the forum post!

It’s been a crazy ride and we’re, again, absolutely overwhelmed by your positive responses and support. Thank you, all, for making this possible.